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Chongqing Jinyun Temple

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Jinyun Temple is located in Chongqing Beibei. It is located in the Buddhist resort has 1500 years of history - in Jinyun Mountain, was built in the Southern Liu Song Jingping year (423 years), he has said that after "Love Temple", "Chong Sheng Temple," "Temple worship religion", has been emperors bestowed. Jinyun Temple is the only Kassapa Buddha temple, ancient temple school, called "Jinyun College."

Jinyun Temple was built in the Southern Liu Song Jingping year (423 years), after the emperors had been bestowed. Gaozu Li Yuan (618 years) was handwritten title "Zen really Palace," Tang Dazhong first year (847 years), Xuanzong Huang Temple Dici amounted to "Love Temple", the Department of mountain rock Acacia, Acacia bamboo, Acacia birds so. Tang Qian Fu the first year (874 years), given the economic reconstruction of the temple monk, Hui Huan Jackson presided over 971 years to repair the temple. In 998, Emperor Song Taizong read the 240 volumes Vatican sent here, worship in the temple. Song Jingde four years, Shinshu given name "Chong Sheng Temple." Ming Emperor Yongle emperor five decrees "Jinyun scenery" tomorrow shun the first year (1462) Hidemune Emperor kicked name "Chong Temple taught," Wanli Emperor Shen ordered three decades changed Jinyun Temple, gave the title "Dojo Kassapa . "

Chongqing Jinyun Temple

"Northern and Southern Dynasties"

Jin Dynasty, general Liu Yu, conquered the north and south two separatist forces, forced the abdication of the last emperor of the Jin dynasty, himself riding on the throne, the establishment of a new regime of Han Chinese in 420 AD, the capital Jiankang, the country song, history said Song (Song before), this is the beginning of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, after three years, known as the Song Wudi Liu Yu died, his son succeeded to the throne, reign title was changed to King Ping, Jinyun Temple is the first year that King Ping this year 424 years from the construction of the Temple Master mountains.

"Tang Dynasty"

In 617 AD, came to power with the Yang Di, Li Yuan Taiyuan stay, the rate of child Li Shimin, Changan Jinyang revolted take their own rubbish Gordon became the emperor, the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, is Tang Gaozong. 618 years of Tang Gaozong Li Yuan inscribed the true Zen palace sent thanks Jinyun Temple, thus, Zen temple name is more true Palace.

847 AD Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuānzong ruling, overturned the Tang Emperor action folded ruined temple in the world, may be sacrificed for true Zen Palace Wuzong time. Due to the nearby Temple of Acacia rock, acacia, so the temple name Emperor Xuānzong in turn, change the Acacia Temple. Buddhism has had Lust, Acacia word seems to be defective, but the emperor coming to a decision, is valuable advice, it is difficult to refuse.

In 874 AD, Tang Yi Zong Tang ruling, Daxing Buddhism, the monastery and the monks Build, tissue reconstruction, to maintain the original name.

"Song Dynasty"

In 960, the Later Zhou of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, general clamor, the Zhao Kuangyin full glory at their command, this is Chen Qiaobing change history, Later Zhou Dynasty emperor made his Gongdi Zen is located, the establishment of Song Dynasty. 1964, Song troops Mieshu, blowing Zen master Hui monastery 971 years, again Acacia Temple refurbished.

In 998 AD, the third emperor of the Song Dynasty reign of Emperor Song, since 1993 Sichuan Qingcheng Mountain Wang Xiaobo peasant uprising, the regime established a large Shu Wang, Song crusade troops to achieve victory. Emperor Song Taizong put his father reading over 24 volumes of the Vatican to save Acacia temple worship, hope the Vatican can inhibit the runes "the world is not chaos Shu first chaos," the curse. So far still remain in the monastery, became a national treasure. Subsequently in 1007, the Acacia Temple renamed Emperor Song Chong Sheng Temple, a memorable victory Mieshu mind.

"Ming Dynasty"

1368, Zhu Yuanzhang established the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Zhu Di ascended the throne its third, known as the Ming emperor, Yongle reign, namely 1408 Yongle five years, for Albrecht Yu Chong Sheng Temple "Jinyun scenery" plaque of the temple, to temple, stone on stone arch banners, still exist.

In 1457, the Ming restoration Hidemune running for the door of the change event, Hidemune ascended the throne, in 1462, the Yingzong Chong Chong Sheng Temple changed its name to teach Temple.

Zhu Yijun ascended the throne in 1572, for the Wanli Emperor, Wanli reign, in 1602, that is 30 years Wanli, Wanli Emperor ordered Chong Temple taught instead Jinyun Temple, and personally gave the title Kassapa temple, carved in stone arch Temple and banners , which still exists, the monastery became important monuments.

Ming and Qing Dynasties, the temple was destroyed by fire. Legend because it was the temple monks, rampant neighbors, local people hated it and when Sichuan Zhang Xianzhong, the mob burned down the temple hill a torch. Existing temple was twenty-two years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1683) hosted by the restoration of piercing monk.

Republic of China, became Jinyun Temple TIBETAN BUDDHIST TEACHING COLLEGE, namely Buddhist seminary school site, hosted by the Void Master, to foster a generation of Buddhist masters Zhao Puchu, Wei-yin and other masters. War of Resistance, Chiang had visited in person at Jinyun Temple Void Master.

Car lines

Address: Beibei District of Chongqing Jinyun mountain

Car lines: Liberation Monument, Nanping, Yangjiaping have a bus to Beibei, Beibei after transfer to the travel lanes to Jinyun bus station in the underground mall, the departure from 8:30 to 17:30 every hour, return the car Jinyun Mountain ride at the door.

Car lines: 1, from Chongqing Jinyun highway at highway exit, to 15 minutes. 2, to Shapingba by Yanggongqiao, Shuangbei, wellhead to Beibei, to three stone up the mountain to spend Aikawa direction of State Road 212 verses star Bay Bridge.

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