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Changsha features snack Tara buns

OHTN2017-11-22Aix XinLe

Mentioned buns, Changsha shall call "Tara." Tara was built between Guangxu years, first as a surname Tang owners near the octagonal opened a mom and pop, which means "Zuo Zhuan" "Virtue is music, music is able to for a long time," meaning, the name of "Tara."

Changsha features snack Tara buns

Early Republican era, several official unemployment fund raising kitchen occupation, under changed hands several times but no disk achievements of Tara, relocated store in Huang Xinglu Fan west alley to official food point to attract diners. Because the dishes are cooked seafood is always fresh produce and other high residual material left behind, to avoid waste, so it is chopped, mixed with people stuffing buns core, who knows this race to make their buns flavor of different people, much favored. Since then, Tara buns boosted reputation, he had "Pen Pen came out hot, white noise loose skin, rose sweet beauty, fresh mushrooms cool," the ballad of praise. After Changsha "Wen Xi" fire, part of the original class master re-raising, re-building shop, named Tara teahouse, continue to operate the food, buns, and gradually formed a Changsha famous "Eight names package." "Eight names package" are: Rose bag of sugar, mushrooms fresh meat package, sugar salt bun, crystal sugar bag, linen bag Velvet, golden hook package fresh meat, dried scallop meat pack pork buns. After the liberation of Changsha, Tara teahouse gained a new life, was a blend of a number of cooking teacher and master white case, the Tara cuisine formed five series, three hundred varieties.

Tara buns fine finish. Sugar trap with sugar, rock sugar, rose osmanthus sugar or sugar mixed together with, sweet and refreshing; pig meat stuck before the nip selected lean meat or well, mixed with mushrooms, frozen oil, spices, oil and not greasy. Palm case master Tara has always been a highly skilled master craftsmen, the prepared buns thin trap large, pale color, texture soft and elastic.



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