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Xi'an Botanical Garden

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Shaanxi Province, Xi'an Botanical Garden was founded in 1959, is one of eight botanical gardens early days of construction, but also the oldest botanical garden in Northwest China. Located next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, covers an area of ​​

Shaanxi Province, Xi'an Botanical Garden was founded in 1959, is one of eight botanical gardens early days of construction, but also the oldest botanical garden in Northwest China. Located next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, covers an area of ​​20 hectares, collection and preservation of more than 3400 plant species (including varieties), save rare and endangered plants under special state protection more than 70 species and 32 families, is the introduction of plant species to save most of the Northwest Botanical Garden.

Xi'an Botanical Garden

Shaanxi Province, Xi'an Botanical Garden is now a provincial scientific research institutions, under the Academy of Sciences of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Institute of Botany (listed in December 2006) to implement "two brands, a set of institutions." It is engaged in plant science, biodiversity protection, resource use of plant science education and social welfare-oriented research units. 120 employees, including senior research staff of 29 people. Since the park was built, and achieved national, provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements 75. Xi'an Botanical Garden has been the National Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, the Central Committee, China Association for Science, China Youth Federation, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, and awarded the "National Youth Science Education Base", "National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Education Base", "science education in Shaanxi Province base "," Xi'an science education base. " 2007 China Association for Science project to establish a "teen Shaanxi Plant Science Workshop" in Xi'an Botanical Garden.

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At present, Xi'an Botanical Garden has nine special class area: medicinal flora, aquatic areas, flower district, Flora oil, aromatic district, district monocots, dicots area, and gymnosperms Magnolia Park; built there are two each in 1,000 square meters of tropical and subtropical plants exhibition greenhouses and Greenwood Park has a Japanese-style garden.

Bai Hui Garden: The garden show introduction and cultivation of ornamental flowers at home and abroad famous land, built a beautiful peonies and colorful peony two special classes Park, where up to more than 200 varieties of peony, peony more than 130, and another herb more than 70 kinds of flowers. Stones in the park rockery, Rotary Guteng climbing, circuitous maze. Colors are arranged according to their different characteristics flower arrangement, height or patchwork or gradually progressive; various forms of applications in which a pattern or rule-based, or natural type, flowering vary throughout the year flocked people into indistinct painting environment, beautiful.

Herbal Garden: collect introduction Shaanxi superiority of Chinese herbal medicines, herbal medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials plant resources at home and abroad more than 500 species, cultivated in accordance with different types of ecological habits. Northwest is the largest collection of Chinese herbal medicine types of special garden for Chinese medicine research, teaching, practice, provides a wealth of physical medicine and cultural propaganda material.

Magnolia Park: focus on the collection of rare wood orchid plants, research results show Xi'an Botanical Garden Magnoliaceae. Yu Ya collected 43 kinds of plants, three kinds Liriodendron genus, Three Kinds of plants, planting this garden there are 12 new varieties of magnolia self-fertile. Park cloister screen wall, bridges, trickle, rockery Stones, elegant scenery. Ground configuration aromatic ground cover plants, 25 species effectively get rid of the mosquitoes, which swim in fresh air fragrant, refreshing.

Yu Jinxiang Garden: Xi'an Botanical Garden has been successfully held for more than ten sessions Yu Jinxiang flower show, featured more than 100 varieties of Yu Jinxiang, daffodils as well as Europe, hyacinths, Mao Gen flowers, ornamental Fritillaria flowers do foil, a more prominent Yu Jinxiang the elegant beauty of the Queen, so that people appreciate the beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming, the exhibition Shenzi landscape.

Aromatic District: Introduction save Qinling mountains and important aromatic plant germplasm resources at home and abroad, a large collection of Syringa, Osmanthus fragrans, Rosa and other aromatic plants, district by district Category centralized plant, lavender, peach vanilla, mint , basil and other herbs aromatic plants dotted the area with fresh air fragrant.

Aquatic area: This area collected more than 100 species of aquatic plants. According to their ecological habits classified as emergent, floating, submerged plants, zoning planting. Configuring a rockery area, Fang Ting, drain interlinked with bridges, summer lotus leaf Tada, Your face three transformers, leaves as big as a plate of Wang Lin is the most beautiful water, "Johnson points."

Plant Taxonomy area: According to Hutchinson classification system to sort, showing ways to plant evolution and succession, students practice good garden plants popular knowledge. The introduction of various types of more than 1,000 species of plants, while the collection and preservation of state protection of rare and endangered plant and plant protection of the province.

Greenhouse tropical and subtropical plants: two in each area of 1,000 square meters of tropical and subtropical plants exhibition greenhouses, Xi'an Botanical Garden is home to compensate for the lack of a continental climate, specifically for some of the cold southern plant construction. Exhibition greenhouses exhibition room is divided into a high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature exhibition room exhibition room, collection and preservation of more than 400 plant species.

Bioenergy and oil area: at home and abroad woody biomass energy and oil plants to collect objects, Samara oil tree planting there, 128 kinds of Chinese pistache, olive, maple, pecan, hazelnut tiger, paper crown fruits. Built gutting, rockery, undulating terrain, shady trees, Tau configuration, flowering plum, cherry flowers colorful hair.

Greenwood Park: Founded in 1990, the Japanese garden style. Open pavilion, Baita, stone lamps and water together to create a harmonious, quiet, wonderful independent space. Bamboo Green show, streams trickle slow, silicified wood fossils dignified and simple, is a good place to relax and perception of nature.

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The best tourist season: beautiful time due to the most northern botanical garden in the spring, Xi'an, is no exception. End of March to early June, weather permitting, flourishing, so do not miss Yo. Of course, if you have the time to go to Xi'an in the winter, you may wish to see snow Samuume, but rare. (About a year from January to February)

Recommended Accommodation: Xi'an in Shaanxi Normal University Botanical Garden East Gate south 100 meters, to safety, it is best to live Shaanxi Normal University Academic Exchange Center.

Food: Xi'an Botanical Garden entrance north there are many small restaurants affordable, there is a lamb noodle can taste it.

Traffic Guide

Scenic Area Address: Yanta District 17 Greenwood Road, Shaanxi Province

Car lines: Xi'an, etc. within a mere 12,26,27,503 bus to get off at the terminal; or take the bus, etc. 44,407,720 at the Zhong Yan to get off to reach 200 meters south .

Scenic spotXi'an Botanical Garden

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Xi'an Botanical GardenShaanxi Province, Xi'an Botanical Garden was founded in 1959, is one of eight botanical gardens early days of construction, but also the oldest botanical garden in Northwest China. Located next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, covers an area of ​​…