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Chinese fireworks culture history

OHTN2017-11-28Aix XinLe

Gunpowder, also known as the black powder. Is one of the four great inventions of Chinese. An outstanding achievement in the history of human civilization. Powder in the external energy properly, can quickly and regular combustion, and generating large amounts of high temperature gas material.

Chinese fireworks culture history

In gunpowder appeared in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, some of the black powder into the tube, so that the explosive fire point, this is the early bamboo firecrackers. People in the fireworks, firecrackers are often found at the top of a fire phenomenon, inspired by the produced track, early fireworks. In the Song Dynasty, China's fireworks product variety, and has the effect of smoke and fire, light and sound are different. China has started in the Southern Song Dynasty held a variety of large-scale fireworks show, fireworks at the time many production technology are still in use.

The earliest "fireworks", is a fire crackling bamboo. "Age Jingchu" set: "fire burning bamboo, blasting sound, can open the devil".

At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, "King" Sun Simiao (581-682 A.D.) the earliest narrative of the sulfur saltpeter, sulfur, V fire method containing carbon material mixed together to create gunpowder "".

The legend of Sun Simiao has lived in Liuyang. Liuyang city has always been a "Yinya sun" and "a bridge" and other names, "Sheng Chong view", now also has built "Simiao park".

At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, "fireworks ancestor" Li Tian (born in 601) to get rid of the plague, the powder in tube, detonation ignited by lead, more bang and thick smoke, disperse Shanlan malaria. This is the prototype installed denitration firecrackers ".

The Song Dynasty, the folk began to use paper zhuangguo powder, and hemp stems knotted together into "gun". This traditional process lasted nearly a thousand years.

The Qing emperor Kangxi "Liuyang county" records: "the descendants of rolls for tube, real name is great to mesotrione, firecrackers, donation, said spring. To the little noise on New Year's Eve."

It has been widely used in the fireworks, weddings and other occasions.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Liuyang County businessman Li Xiya "the restoration and development of ancestors lost art", making fireworks shoot "fireworks". When a "mouse" species, has been popular until the end of last century.

In early 1980s, Liuyang began to develop an international standard "fireworks", completed by the "toy fireworks" to "fireworks" leap.

Since then, the "Liuyang fireworks" frequently appeared on domestic and international large-scale fireworks show, let the world black sky shines! In late 1990s, Liuyang fireworks began to head for the realization of electronic ignition, fireworks are controlled by computer, electronic remote ignition, providing the necessary conditions, make modern fireworks, fireworks and more safety show, the form is also more beautiful, rich and colorful.

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