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Changsha features snack Milk Act cake

OHTN2017-11-18Aix XinLe

Milk Act Hunan Chinese pastry cake only made alcohol products, it has been 70 years of history. Initially called "fat cake", a unique new popular food a flavor, that is available by the public favor, flirty stores that sell only at night to attract other businesses to promote the prosperity of the night market. Hunan became the pastry industry, "fist" products.

Changsha features snack Milk Act cake

Method milk cake main raw material for refined flour, malt sugar, milk, wine, soda, soda, etc., modulated by the dough, fat alcohol wine, pickled sugar, diced, forming, baking and other refining processes. Cake oblate, milky surface, a bottom surface of a tan, an inlet soft, creamy, wine, alcohol cotton, sweet taste.

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2017-11-23Aix XinLe34

Changsha cuisine Jar vegetablesJar dish originated in ancient times, the choice of fresh vegetables pottery sealed, to prepare for emergency use. After thousands of years of oral teaching, innovation, developed into a jar dish a unique flavor, variety of local products…

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Changsha features snack Liuyang Steamed vegetablesChangsha in Hunan Liuyang steamed is a traditional cuisine, according to legend originated in the Ming Dynasty, after 500 years of development. To evaporate wax cuisine, basic dishes are: dry wax beans steamed diced, steamed ham, chop pepper steamed potat…

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Changsha cuisine cured meatHunan evaporated preserved meat is one traditional dishes, is to take bacon, chicken December, Layu in a bowl, and chicken broth sauce was added, the pot steamed together. Hunan specialty sausages, mainly pigs, cattle, chickens, fish, ducks and other vari…

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2017-11-17Aix XinLe21

Changsha features snack rice cakesChangsha City in Hunan Changsha cake is a famous specialty, from glutinous rice cake, also known as "glutinous millet." Ming, Qing period, Changsha urban Nanhuo food workshops to improve cake produced in the traditional process based on the rice ground…

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Changsha traditional dishes Braised PorkBraised Pork Chairman Mao's hometown is famous because, Pork, where the election is half fat half lean pork, after the pork with cinnamon star anise candy steamed and then fried wok lobster sauce condiments, soy sauce and then add a small amount of fine…