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Changsha features snack rice cakes

OHTN2017-11-17Aix XinLe

Changsha City in Hunan Changsha cake is a famous specialty, from glutinous rice cake, also known as "glutinous millet." Ming, Qing period, Changsha urban Nanhuo food workshops to improve cake produced in the traditional process based on the rice ground into fine powder, adding sugar, water and knead the dough, and then pinch strips or block, round pieces, pressed a variety of accessories, made of rice cakes should be the city.

Changsha features snack rice cakes

Rice cakes as a food, has a long history in China. In 1974, archaeologists dating back 7000 years in Yuyao, Zhejiang Hemudu site (Yuyao Hemudu ruins of the matriarchal society) in full particles discovered well-preserved rice seeds, indicating that as early as seven thousand years ago our ancestors It has begun to grow rice. Han had "rice cake", "bait", "rice cake" and many called for rice cakes. To the Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, when the market has developed into one kind of perennial supply of rice cake snacks, and a north-south flavor of the other. Delicious cakes, sweet, mellow, with a strong historical atmosphere.

Cake is not only a food festival, but year after year brings new hope to people, meaning all the best mid-high. As a poem of the late Qing Dynasty in the cloud "people how good high, harmonic sound food system, meaning take wins in years, membership in order to pray years old recite."

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