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Hunan Huitang Hot Spring Resort

OHTN2017-11-11Aix XinLe

Hunan Huitang Hot Spring Resort was built in the 1980's, covers an area of ​​300 acres, located in the gray soup hot springs international tourist resort area 80 kilometers northwest of Changsha City, set health spa, sports and leisure, conference and training, Wellness examination in one.

Hunan Huitang Hot Spring Resort

Gray soup hot springs is one of three famous spa complex high-temperature China, more than 2,000 years of history. As its boiling soup roller springs, such as steam fogging Teng, named Huitang. As early as the Three Kingdoms period, Shu Jiang Wan was born with the name in the gray soup, his black bamboo forest in spring next to read the book, has also left Jiang Gongmiao ruins; Peidu prime minister Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty Dali scientists Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi, Easy champion cleanse, etc. have been here to visit soup bath, Mu wind chant; the Qing Shi Wenqing also held poetry and wine into the gray soup will. Gray soup around Shaoshan, flowers Ming House, Wushi the founder, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai three Republic, described as Crouching Tiger land.

Hunan Huitang Hot Spring Resort

Gray soup hot springs is one of China's three most famous high-temperature composite springs, spring Fisheries from 5000 meters underground magma heat Yanshan Weishan granite batholith, spa water temperature up to 92 ° С, is a medical drug metasilicate spring, the human body contains advantageous microelements 29 and dozens of causative agents having analgesic, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, improve blood circulation, enhance physical and other more therapeutic effect. By the local health department and decades of medical examination center of this Villa clinically proven, topical gray soup hot springs bathing, skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis have effects on other rheumatism, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, colitis , neurasthenia also has a significant effect, known as "natural medicine spring", "Xiaoxiang first spring" reputation.

Hunan Huitang Hot Spring Resort

Leisure park

Villa in complete entertainment, fitness facilities and advanced features. With the domestic first-class spa swimming (diving, swimming) hall, outdoor spa pool, golf driving range, bowling alley, table tennis and tennis court, basketball court, badminton courts, billiard room, library, outdoor fitness Court, a variety of leisure and fitness facilities. At the same time it can accommodate more than 100 people with a dance hall, more luxurious KTV, chess suites and so on. Is the ideal venue for various groups of entertainment, sporting events, it is a good place for leisure and personal fitness.

Dreaming hometown

Hunan Electric gray Hot Spring Resort There are more than 300 luxury guest rooms, deluxe room decoration magnificent, bright and spacious, comfortable and elegant. To provide fiber optic Internet access, international television channel viewing, 24-hour natural hot spring water supply, as well as the "Golden steward" of personal service. For you to create a safe and comfortable environment to rest and feel homely. Window quiet environment, fragrant flowers, shady trees, green everywhere ...... sit at the window reading tea, or ancient joke with friends, or drink, or game, feel comfortable.

conference Center

Hunan Electric gray soup Hot Springs Convention Center, with large, medium and small types of conference room 12, equipped with a professional sound system, multimedia systems and advanced conference facilities can accommodate meetings of 1,000 people at the same time. Where the large conference room with a cross beam column-free design, the height of three meters, covering an area of ​​350 square meters, wide vision, which can accommodate more than 300 people. Conference center with excellent facilities and professional services, to become held various product launches, the preferred place of celebration or business meetings, presentations and training.

Wellness examination

Hunan Electric Hot Spring Resort gray medical examination center technical force, advanced medical equipment, provide professional medical services. In recent years, medical centers continue sending medical technicians to Xiangya one, two hospital training, and constantly improve the level of medical technology. Medical examination center existing staff of 53 people, 40 senior titles, medical specialist equipment, and is equipped with mobile medical facilities, provide on-site medical services, organizations, and reasonable price. The Center continues to develop hot spring "holy water" in a unique effect, in the course of treatment, widely used in the treatment bath, jet bath, massage bath, washing and other methods, with drug and device therapy, achieved a significant effect.

Scenic Area Address: Changsha City Ningxiang gray Tang Zhenxiang Electric Hot Springs Resort

Car lines: in Changsha West Bus Station by bus directly to gray soup hot springs

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