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Changsha New Year customs

OHTN2017-11-29Aix XinLe

Changsha New Year customs are very different, there are said to be the old New Year to take a bath to hide debt anecdotes. Fast work together to understand the Chinese New Year customs at the Changsha with small series.

Changsha New Year customs

Changsha New Year custom:

1, no matter where, in the custom of New Year's eve of New Year's money must have: the child's mouth, stained with sweet honey New Year's Eve, the family stay up round the fire to the fire.

Changsha There is a saying: "adult child looking Rubus, fine Yazi hope the New Year" New Year children have new clothes to wear hats and more New Year's collar. New Year's money is for the children and their New Year wishes peace prize, but also to the child's mouth at New Year's Eve, New Year's Day also "stained honey", so that they learn to "generous and sincere," said the blessing of "sweet talk "love to please the mouth color, trying to make a child's mouth dipped in honey.

New Year's Eve, Changsha adults and children are generally required to stay up, in fact, stay up is "keep sleeping." Children really want to sleep, sleep can not be said, digging pits to say, it seems like this will be able to dig a pit like gold.

2, New Year's Eve fiscal seal the door, started to open financial doors: the God of Wealth Buddha at the door, Lucky widely throughout the year.

During the Spring Festival, ordinary people pursue a better life, one hopes to have deep affection, and second, hoping to wealth and fortune, until today, people still have the custom of Changsha marketplace this New Year: New Year's Eve meal eaten in Mission when the financial closure door and let the treasure store at home, not allowed out into the custom of early "shut the door Choi" Choi shut the door, the door door people are allowed out into ...... New Year's Day, Ming firecrackers wide open Choi door, hoping rolling financial resources can flow into the house. Fortuna is a rip-off to send uninvited guest, as well as New Year's Day and creditors met on the street, we can only congratulate each other, can not stop talking mention debt collection matters, otherwise it will recruit people ridiculed meeting behind, justified because of rude and did not become a management.

3, who started the day trip go to the fair

the first day, after opening the financial door Changsha people often travel in accordance with the spirit of joy on the orientation of the old almanac described in, go to the fair, known as a day trip. Many people began to travel at night New Year's Eve or New Year's Day morning, travel destination, there are about three places: far to the Southern Mountain, Shaoshan recent, more recently went to Changsha Kaifu Temple outside the north gate . In Changsha slope sub Street Huogongdian for Spring Festival temple fair culture is doing pretty well, are interested you can go and see.

But later Changsha temple Republic of China, in addition to superstitious worship, because of the social atmosphere was already open, the temple of the machine by women can boldly show their faces in public places in the city, but some board only prodigal son has the opportunity to mooch, sexual harassment, and therefore the temple school year pandemonium.

4, Cubs started the fourth day of the first two days three days of worship neighborhood Lang

"Lang junior who started the first two days the Cubs fourth day of worship neighborhood," which is schedule during the Spring Festival New Year Changsha ancient times most people still follow. During the Chinese New Year, Changsha every household clean, with a lot of window dressing New Year atmosphere of items waiting for the arrival of the guests, such as rice or barrel plug plum spring, plum, homophonic people's "eyebrow" in the vase, called "The Joy on brow ", painted in custom painting magpie is standing on Prunus, life also appear to be more elegant ...... now Changsha people for the New Year, the general will Pachira, cash cow, money tree, good fortune (pineapple), wealth bamboo, orange and other selected few years moved back home.

5, the old Changsha New Year Spring Festival hospitality: egg liqueur longan red dates, dried persimmons dates egg soup, Changsha best hospitality is an old stocking.

In Changsha, the old New Year activities in the beginning of the first day, relatives and friends into the house, often eat snacks will be served, it would be more polite offer a bowl of sweet red dates longan egg or egg persimmons dates, this ingot soup for host and guest exudes, is the best hospitality ...... today, gold has disappeared soup in Changsha. Now, betel become a popular stocking Hunan unique to the region, almost every family will be prepared betel nut hospitality.

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