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Changsha snacks Sister dumplings

OHTN2017-11-23Aix XinLe

Changsha snacks Sister dumplings

Sisters dumpling is a well-known restaurant in Changsha snacks, has 60 years of history since the early years of operation of this food is Gompertz two sisters, so named, it is the method of glutinous rice, rice refining, take the pink leather, with date paste, sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus as filling. Its color white, crystal bright, small, sweet and delicious.

CateChangsha cuisine Liuyang tempeh

2017-11-23Aix XinLe45

Changsha cuisine Liuyang tempehLiuyang lobster sauce is local specialty Liuyang County. It mud beans and black beans as raw material, from finishing. Finished tempeh was dark brown or red sauce, meat wrinkled skin, soft, full particles. After adding up the blisters, thicken the sauce d…

CateChangsha features snack Milk Act cake

2017-11-18Aix XinLe40

Changsha features snack Milk Act cakeMilk Act Hunan Chinese pastry cake only made alcohol products, it has been 70 years of history. Initially called "fat cake", a unique new popular food a flavor, that is available by the public favor, flirty stores that sell only at night to attract othe…

CateChangsha Liuyang features snack fried rice

2017-11-20Aix XinLe36

Changsha Liuyang features snack fried riceFried rice is one of the specialty Liuyang, Liuyang people love a traditional cuisine. "Fried trump card" fried rice with "Zong Bing tradition, keeping up with fashion, close to nature" for business purposes, take the road of brand, with its unique ar…

CateChangsha traditional dishes Braised Pork

2017-11-20Aix XinLe34

Changsha traditional dishes Braised PorkBraised Pork Chairman Mao's hometown is famous because, Pork, where the election is half fat half lean pork, after the pork with cinnamon star anise candy steamed and then fried wok lobster sauce condiments, soy sauce and then add a small amount of fine…

CateChangsha features snack cream rice cake

2017-11-17Aix XinLe36

Changsha features snack cream rice cake1910 (Xuantong two years), founder of Jiangyong Shou Tong Jiang Hengshou high quality rice flour, white sugar and malnutrition sugar into fat children with cake, sweet and fragrant, easy to digest, both fat children deworming effect as dairy deep popular.…