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Changsha Liuyang features snack fried rice

OHTN2017-11-20Aix XinLe

Fried rice is one of the specialty Liuyang, Liuyang people love a traditional cuisine. "Fried trump card" fried rice with "Zong Bing tradition, keeping up with fashion, close to nature" for business purposes, take the road of brand, with its unique aroma, sweet, crisp, pine taste, in one fell swoop to conquer the thousands of diners. Some people even said to Liuyang fireworks is the first did not see regret, did not eat "fried king" is the second regret. In recent years, "Wang fried" fried rice with nothing to be picky the quality and reputation, repeatedly won the provincial, city Excellent Product Award, blown away by Chinese and foreign investors in times of food fair.

Changsha Liuyang features snack fried rice

Fried rice with a taste puffed food, there are strong salty taste. A selection of Thai fried rice, crisp and refreshing, eat a hundred tire. High temperature frying process, the starch contained in the rice completely destroyed, decomposed into activated carbon. In addition to taste fried out more fragrant, dry eat more refreshing, more importantly, a good diet food, oh! Since the decomposition product of starch - activated carbon, can be attached to the stomach, intestines sucked fat, excreted. Therefore, it is special "scraping intestines, scrape oil", refreshing thirst-quenching, and Huwei.

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