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Changsha Du Fu Pavilion

OHTN2017-11-15Aix XinLe

Du Fu Jiang Pavilion is located in Changsha, Hunan Hedong District of West Lake Bridge, located in the middle of the road and Xiangjiang Lake Road junction, it covers an area of ​​11,700 square meters, construction area of ​​4640 square meters, the main pavilion, promenade, pavilion, tea and other building components . River Court building cornice brackets, carved beams, natural and graceful, Changsha City, the largest Tang buildings. Main House 33 meters high, a huge body mass, forceful; imaginative designer, so two things are positive towards, namely in terms of foot balcony or from the south west of Shandong, Jiang Xiaoying guests House are positive.

Changsha Du Fu Pavilion

Du Fu Jiang Pavilion to commemorate the last years of life left in Hunan generation poet Du Fu and built. Clouds of history through 1200 years, Du Fu soul going through wind and frost, more show the holy, has been freeze into a timeless monument, Ruran the accommodating China, but also to the ancient city of Changsha with endless cultural nourishment. To commemorate the great poet generation, in 2002, Changsha Urban Construction Investment Corporation rebuilt river boat landing Court in the year sojourn at the Department of Du Fu, the great poet with a view to the glorious Eternal Bright Sunshine.

River House boarding, can close up Orange Island landscape, overlooking the foothills smoke, enjoy the beautiful city of Changsha Landscape Island looks. Jiang Gejing sit, can goods Hunan black tea, tea Xiangxi Gold, Silver Needle, Guzhang Maojian Hunan Jiaming. River Walk House, in the lush greenery of the product can read and holy works, watch the masters of calligraphy. In 2006, Du Fu Jiang Court and the Xiang River Scenic Belt is located was named one of the new Hunan Xiaoxiang Lake Tourist Association, becoming the Star City attractions around the visitors competing to boarding.

Changsha Du Fu Pavilion

Du Fu Jiang Court as a public cultural facilities, Changsha City Landmark buildings, public welfare activities is not only the public, but also the external display window Changsha, Hunan Province and even, it is important reception place of the municipal government, known as Changsha card, Hunan living room.

Scenic Area Address: Tianxin District Xiangjiang Road, Sec 108

Car lines: in Changsha city by 1,123,406, brigade 3 bus lines, walk about 150 meters to the West Lake Bridge Station

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