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Changsha Meixi Lake Park

OHTN2017-11-14Aix XinLe

Meixi Lake Park near Changsha West Bus Station, Meiling Gong Park with a total planned area of ​​about 367 acres to 318 acres of the mountain as the main body, build the theme park to enjoy the landscape, the park across the river and the Dragon King Harbor Park ginkgo together into a green axis Taohualing park across the lake, to achieve a convergence of rivers, lakes and landscape.

Changsha Meixi Lake Park

Meixi Lakers constructed wetland located on both sides of the high-speed beltway Changsha things, covers an area of ​​120 acres. Engineering complex wetland sewage treatment process, the use of biological pond, horizontal subsurface flow wetland vertical subsurface flow wetland process stream composition and landscape Table wetland combination. Mei Xihu Industrial Co., Ltd. wetlands project leader Chen Xiao introduction, Plum Creek wetlands Lakers workers to build the project in conjunction with the landscape, supporting someone walks, lighting, landscape sketch, bridge, landscape pavilion landscaping and ancillary works. Taohualing mountain Meixi Lake Area Park is located in the south, functional structure as "one axis, area, six groups", with a total area of ​​4360 acres. "One axis" that ridge axis sightseeing, "area" that Skyline with, "six groups," namely Hong Dasi'an leisure reservoir group, leisure and healthcare group Laba Temple, East Entrance and Museum of Natural History tour, foot bath Creek holiday tour, Peach Bottom cultural groups and Ma On Shan orchard sightseeing tour.

Changsha Meixi Lake Park

Scenic Area Address: Yuelu District Plum Creek Rd

Car lines: in Changsha city by 207, 211 bus and get off at a junction near the lake Meixi Lake Station that

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