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Changsha Ningxiang Long Quan Drifting

OHTN2017-11-07Aix XinLe

Changsha Ningxiang Long Quan Drifting is located in Changsha, Hunan, Longquan Village, Weishan Scenic Area. 93 km away from Changsha city, away from the Millennium Temple Miyin Temple 9 km, but here is a national treasure - four sheep parties respect the land. Longquan rafting experience is an important part of the ecological tour scenic area Weishan, Weishan Scenic Area is located in Changsha, the westernmost, is a Buddha, vacation, leisure, adventure in an integrated tourist attractions.

Changsha Ningxiang Long Quan Drifting

Ning Xianglong spring water rafting from the original local secondary forests, deep inside Gubi, a total length of 4.3 km river, a drop of nearly 200 meters, is a large gap, strong stimulation of buffet rafting, river rafting cross peaks rise steeply, rapids and swift, undulating ups, very steep, Hunan Province, known as the most spectacular, most exciting, most user-friendly design of drifting.

Changsha Ningxiang Long Quan Drifting

Sanford door in the middle of river rafting or two at Furman, there are clever Heavenly creatures, up to more than 1800 meters of continuous rapids area, dozens of large and extra large drop drop unfolding in front of tourists, visitors will test the mental endurance limit capacity. In drifting up and down, a dynamic experience of life, time and time again swooped down so that each visitor is always dancing with waves, enjoy the experience "boat floating in the water, people in the middle picture," the wonderful feeling.

Scenic Area Address: Changsha City Ningxiang County Town springs Huangcai

Car lines: in Changsha by bus to Ningxiang County sub minibus

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