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Changsha Liuyang Liuhua cave rafting

OHTN2017-11-07Aix XinLe

Liuhua hole in Hunan Liuyang Dahu Town Toyota village, 40 km away from Liuyang city, on which Dawei Mountain National Forest Park, under the pictographic Scenic Area. The whole drift of 6.5 km, the gap 128M, curve 19, on both sides of the river a beautiful, verdant trees, flowers, many natural attractions, including "immortal piece of stone, lion squint water, strange frog feeding, Wen Shi Qi, gods stone, years ginkgo tree "and so on. Is seeking adventure of the young, the elderly of the renewal, the women and children are playing in the water children's affection township, it is lovers romantic Valley, but also delights of urban white-collar leisure.

Changsha Liuyang Liuhua cave rafting

Liuhua cave rafting is the only Chinese red songs drift, middle of the first of the original forest drift spring, Hunan's first original spirits floating cube. "Drifting place in the depths of the valley, the water source of pollution-free households, the amount of water up to 20 cubic meters, but the rapids very little can be said to be the purest of Hunan most gentle drift." Liuhua hole drift of young people to relax Alternatively, it is a wonderful place for the elderly and children playing in the water.

Changsha Liuyang Liuhua cave rafting

Liuhua holes on both sides of river rafting inaccessible mountains standing, exquisite throughout, clear spring water can be seen in the cool lake water plants, odd strange frog fish. Along the way, nine comic, fairy stone pieces, years ginkgo tree, the Seven Wonders of the ancient cave, the original ecological landscape overwhelmed, seamless world landscape, like being in a roll of ink paintings. Breathe fresh air and enjoy the secluded lake flowing cool, steep and dangerous rocky beach rather abruptly collided with a white spray portrait embracing.

Scenic Area Address: Liuyang Dahu Town Toyota Village

Car lines: take the bus to the city of Changsha in Liuyang, then transferred to the scenic minibus

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