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Changsha Baogai Temple

OHTN2017-11-07Aix XinLe

Baogai Temple, is the Millennium Temple, the Department of Salmonella four birthplace of Liuyang, Hunan Chu is also one of the eight temples. According to historical records: the canopy Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Wenzong Japan in nine years (AD 835 years), Zhaozong Jingfu the first year (AD 892) Prosperity expansion, especially Shishuang Qing Zhu Zen disciple of the French Baogai when the abbot of the monastery hill about Zen, Buddhism Shusheng, were smooth wind, hundreds of monks, incense Land, nearly four acres of forest. Since about Jackson, veins pass XV, monks men.

Changsha Baogai Temple

Baogai Temple is located in the ancient town Liudong Baogai Village (commonly known as the canopy hole, Liu more than 30 kilometers away from the city, there is road accessible village temple), the Department of Lianyun mountain 1311.7 meters above sea level Baogai mountain. Where mountain peaks, towering ranked gurgling water ring pagoda, lakes sway enantiomers flowers, scenic, particularly pleasant. Lush vegetation, towering old trees, tombs, founder tower, heritage show. In particular national protection Baogai reservoir into the book, is reflected water Temple, ethereal bosentan. People this spring can enjoy the orchids, bamboo lean summer, autumn view of autumn leaves, winter snow Yin, really rare paradise on earth.

Changsha Baogai Temple

Baogai Temple has a long history, it flourished in the Tang and Ming dynasties. Jackson blazed the trail for about Department of Qingyuan Xingsi pulse method successfully implemented disciple of Don Shishuang Qing Zhu, as Qingyuan Xingsi fifth world. Zen monks men about the mountain, famous the world over (the canopy has been found to have 55 Temple inscription records the founder, monk and other senior monks 294). The well-preserved tomb of the founder of modern canopy of ancient pagoda of the classroom is divided into three areas (20 acres), of about 240.

Scenic Area Address: Liuyang City, the ancient town

Car lines: take the bus to the city of Changsha in Liuyang, then transferred to the scenic minibus

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