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Changsha features snack Amomum cake

OHTN2017-11-23Aix XinLe

Amomum cake Changsha Ningxiang County's traditional cuisine, with its crisp sand sweet, soft and relenting, named after four famous Hunan cake (including the wick cake, Ma cake, bake cakes), one of the renowned outside the province.

Changsha features snack Amomum cake

Amomum cake more than 200 years of production history. Republic of China, Ningxiang county sense Yuan, Long and Yang with the spring, Dexing more than 20 specialties, vegetarian food workshop production and operation Amomum cake, product color, smell and taste, sold more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, much admired all walks of life.

Amomum Indica rice cake mainly high quality, which was washed, drained, fried golden brown, fine powder into the solution, loading the bag stored for 6 months or more stand. The white sugar ground into powder, mixed with fried noodles, the added amount of tea oil, water, stir, into the baking oven, the packaging Serve. Amomum finished cake rectangular, quadrangular Zhou Zheng, uniform thickness. Appear before the end of the valley yellow, yellow rice with a unique aroma, taste sweet and crisp aftertaste.

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