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Changsha Huogongdian

OHTN2017-11-06Aix XinLe

Huogongdian is set Changsha Han Chinese folk culture, fire temple culture, food culture in one of the public places representative. As the famous attractions of Changsha City, Hunan Province, located on the slope sub Street, Changsha City, is also a famous "old" business, where you can eat a variety of snacks Changsha, Hunan, Changsha, such as tofu, authentic Pork, cake and so on. Huogongdian as Food City in Changsha have now at 5, a headquarters, four branches.

Changsha Huogongdian

Vulcan - 21 century BC (4000 years ago), Chinese officials appeared in tribal society is responsible for managing private source of fire, the official called "fire is" called "Vulcan", "Red Emperor", "Vulcan" . The past century, Hunan Province, nearly 100 fire temples disappeared, only Huogongdian preserved and continue to develop, and the fundamental reason is that the fire temple culture at the heart of Rende, will be closely linked with people's well-being, people's attention and love.

Changsha Huogongdian

Huogongdian during the Spring Festival, May Day, National Day and other festivals, held every Huogongdian temple to inherit promote fire temple culture, enrich the cultural life of the festival, by the majority of customers love and praise.

Huogongdian snacks renowned Sanxiang, Huogongdian as a leader is to build a "Changsha street food." Huogongdian the expansion renovation, the temple is now imposing, save for a house (Huogongdian), the second Temple (fire temples, the God of wealth), two House (Cape Chi Kok, Amitabha Court) building pattern. Sunshine promote food culture, a group of distinctive snacks have been restored and are emerging.

Changsha Huogongdian

Scenic Area Address: Tianxin slope sub-Street

Car lines: in Changsha city by 1,123,171,406,707, tour bus and get off at 3 slope sub Street Station that

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