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Changsha tourist souvenirs Xiang embroidery

OHTN2017-11-24Aix XinLe

Embroidery is one of China's four famous embroidery (four famous embroidery is embroidery, embroidery, Yue embroidery and Shu embroidery) Embroidery originated in Hunan folk embroidery, drawing on the advantages of embroidery and Guangdong embroidery and developed.

Changsha tourist souvenirs Xiang embroidery

Hunan embroidery is the general name for embroidery products with fresh Mingxiang Chu cultural characteristics of the center of Changsha, Hunan, Hunan Han is diligent and intelligent working people in the long history of human Wen Ming development process, carefully creating a kind of Xiang Chu Culture folk art characteristics.

Nearly half a century archaeologists has in Hunan, Hubei and other places found that a lot of linen, brocade, silk and other silk, textiles, many of embroidery for us to understand the culture of Chu, Chu silk embroidery, provided a rich and valuable kind of information. Batch after batch of buried Gu Xiupin unearthed in Hunan Chu and former underground realm of dazzling, a better understanding of the world and its evolution origins of embroidery embroidery art tradition, the meaning is self-evident.

Embroidery pure silk, satin hard, soft satin and a variety of embroidery color silk threads made. Its characteristics are: rigorous composition, vibrant, expressive variety of acupuncture, through a rich and ever-changing color line stitch, embroidered figures, animals, landscapes, flowers and birds have special artistic effects.

In embroidery, whether flat embroidery, embroidery, embroidery network, knot embroidery, embroidery playing child, shearing embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, double-sided embroidery, crewel, etc., are focused on physical image shape characterization and endoplasmic, even a scales a pawl, a leaf of a slightly too meticulous.

Unearthed from Chu Tomb in 1958 Embroidery see, as early as the Spring and Autumn Period two thousand five hundred years ago, on the local Hunan embroidery has a certain development. 1972 unearthed forty embroidered clothes in Mawangdui Western Han tomb, indicating that far in the Western Han dynasty two thousand one hundred years ago, the local Hunan embroidery has developed to a higher level. After that, in the long course of development, gradually develop a simple but elegant style.

With the development of commodity production of embroidery, through the majority of embroidery artists and hard to create some excellent artists involved in raising reform embroidery skills, the many fine traditions of Chinese painting ported to embroidery, skillfully traditional Chinese painting, embroidery, poetry, calligraphy, stone variety of arts integration, which formed the basis of Chinese painting, embroidery, seventy kinds of acupuncture and the use of more than one hundred kinds of colors of embroidery threads, needle full of expressive, finely nuanced portrait of physical image appearance endoplasmic features embroidery vivid image, bright, Qiang Lie texture, vivid, bold style, has been called "fragrant peanut embroidery, embroidered can hear the sound of birds, embroidered tiger can run, who can embroider vivid" in the world.

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