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Changsha tourist souvenirs Stone carving

OHTN2017-11-24Aix XinLe

Changsha area is rich in stone carving art, but also to Xing, Liuyang chrysanthemum stone carving, stone carving and Changsha Changsha quartz Valley is the most famous inkstone.

Changsha tourist souvenirs Stone carving

Long long ago, the Liuyang river is a butterfly mountain Yonghe Town, an old scholar mountain, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum to chrysanthemum Aiju, words, neighbors. His only daughter grew up like a chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, beautiful, excellent character. As I grew older, the chrysanthemum and the flower of love a childhood sweetheart ammonite. The old scholar knows, are not allowed. Finally, the chrysanthemum and the Ammonites jumped into the river to die for it. The Liuyang river at the moment splashing in the pond, river stone, crystal white blooming blossoming chrysanthemum, shines in Qingxi infiltration and the moonlight, telling a miserable story. The actual origin of chrysanthemum stone is due to shaking changes.

According to the scientists research, as early as two hundred million years ago, the Liuyang Dongxiang area is shallow, the vicissitudes of life, nature slowly formed a non siliceous chert small bluestone radiation collection, and then by calcium carbonate (calcite) replacement filling, formed by white calcite shaped stone chrysanthemum chrysanthemum petals. Because the sun is tempered, chrysanthemum stone shapes, colorful. The discovery and processing about chrysanthemum stone in the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736 - 1795) years. Have found this strange stone in Yonghe Town side of the bed, then run to pass a Ouyang Xifan scholar hands.

Ouyang Xiucai was good at carving, see the stone as a treasure, take home, carefully crafted, in accordance with the flower. Soon, an elegant chic chrysanthemum inkstone appeared in the living room, watching the men of literature and writing from each. Clear "Liuyang county" contains: "chrysanthemum stone called Kikushi Ka in the county, the east side of Yonghe Town, Daxi water Yonghe City, stone Genru stream delta, no flowers, like the whirlpool accumulation bump in such as engraved seal, color Cang ran lovely, there are patterns of crystal, as the chrysanthemum, tarsal like calyx. Which type of half bud spit, but very interesting. Every autumn falls, exquisite gratifying benefits." To Guangxu years, local Yang long thick officially opened the "fill stone" chrysanthemum stone carving workshop, the main products for the shallow carved and plane carving inkstone, mirror screen.

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