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Changsha cuisine cured meat

OHTN2017-11-18Aix XinLe

Hunan evaporated preserved meat is one traditional dishes, is to take bacon, chicken December, Layu in a bowl, and chicken broth sauce was added, the pot steamed together. Hunan specialty sausages, mainly pigs, cattle, chickens, fish, ducks and other varieties, will be steamed together three kinds of sausages is "preserved meat steamed together," eat fragrant wax strong, sweet and salty taste, flexibility is not greasy, with be the first choice of meal.

Changsha cuisine cured meat

Bacon phosphorus, potassium, sodium content rich, also contains fat, protein, carbohydrates and other elements; with fresh bacon pork skin, divided into blocks, a small amount of salt and sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate, black pepper, cloves, geraniol, anise flavors, pickled, and then air-dried or smoked, with appetizers relieving, digestion and other effects.

Tips: obesity and blood lipids higher should not eat. First, the bacon fat content is very high. From the weight point of view, 100 grams of bacon fat content up to 50%; Not only that, bacon also contains a considerable amount of cholesterol - per 100 grams, 123 milligrams cholesterol, 50% higher than pork a lot of evidence that saturated fat and cholesterol! It leads to "risk factors" high cholesterol.

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