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  • Changsha features snack taste crab

    Changsha features snack taste crab

  • Chinese fireworks culture history

    Chinese fireworks culture history

  • Hunan Forest Botanical Garden

    Hunan Forest Botanical Garden

  • Changsha features snack cream rice cake

    Changsha features snack cream rice cake




Scenic spotChangsha Heimifeng National Forest Park

2017-11-13Aix XinLe27

Changsha Heimifeng National Forest ParkChangsha Heimifeng National Forest Park is located just north of Changsha City, look inside QIAOYI town northeast of the city, is the largest and highest national forest parks in urban areas. 19 km from Changsha city center, 25 km from the city high Tong…

Scenic spotChangsha Liuyang Confucius Temple

2017-11-08Aix XinLe37

Changsha Liuyang Confucius TempleLiuyang Confucius Temple is a Confucian temple, located in Hunan Liuyang City Gui Chai Road, Confucius Temple in Qufu is the imitation of the ancient palace-style buildings. It is one of the Confucius Temple preserved. Palatial buildings of the ancient bu…

Scenic spotChangsha Ocean Lake wetland scenic area

2017-11-06Aix XinLe61

Changsha Ocean Lake wetland scenic areaOcean Lake wetland scenic area is located southwest of Changsha, the new Ocean Lake International Eco-city, Changsha Great River pilot area within the range of two types of social construction of key construction areas. According to the North Yuelu Mounta…

Scenic spotChangsha Liuyang Zhushuqiao reservoir

2017-11-08Aix XinLe32

Changsha Liuyang Zhushuqiao reservoirZhushuqiao reservoir is located in the Xiang River tributary Liuyang River downstream Henan source small town of Gaoping the Tree Village, Liuyang River "leading" reservoir, also in Liuyang county regulation performance, high efficiency hydro power key…

Scenic spotChangsha purple phoenix sports and leisure park

2017-11-08Aix XinLe21

Changsha purple phoenix sports and leisure parkChangsha purple phoenix sports and leisure park in the north of Changsha City, Forest Xiangjiang North Bridge (Yinpen Ridge Bridge) was built. Changsha City Bureau of Parks is part of management…

Scenic spotChangsha White manhole

2017-11-14Aix XinLe21

Changsha White manholeWhite manhole located at Tianxin, east of White Sands Street. White manhole is called "Changsha First Spring", this well is small, but the name of ancient and modern. White had only one manhole water, to the late Ming and water into two, after several e…

CateChangsha features snack Liuyang Steamed vegetables

2017-11-21Aix XinLe48

Changsha features snack Liuyang Steamed vegetablesChangsha in Hunan Liuyang steamed is a traditional cuisine, according to legend originated in the Ming Dynasty, after 500 years of development. To evaporate wax cuisine, basic dishes are: dry wax beans steamed diced, steamed ham, chop pepper steamed potat…

Scenic spotChangsha Dashanchong Forest Park

2017-11-06Aix XinLe52

Changsha Dashanchong Forest ParkDashanchong Forest Park is located in Changsha Mayor Shaxian crossing the territory of the town, about 45 kilometers from Changsha.Dashanchong Forest Park vegetation is good, there are more than 120 hectares of the original secondary forest, rich in speci…

Scenic spotChangsha window of the world

2017-11-16Aix XinLe25

Changsha window of the worldChangsha Window is located in the northeast suburb of Changsha City Liuyang River, it covers an area of ​​400,000 square meters, jointly invested by Hunan Changsha Window of the World Paid Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Co., Ltd. and t…

CateChangsha features snack duck sauce

2017-11-20Aix XinLe43

Changsha features snack duck sauceHunan sauce Banya are the characteristics of the incense, dry thin little duck, said at most, put a pound on the scale, but rather tough meat, with white words of chewy without charges teeth. Taste salty, a little spicy (if it is not spicy food that is ho…

SouvenirsChangsha tourist souvenirs Baisha cigarette

2017-11-24Aix XinLe41

Changsha tourist souvenirs Baisha cigaretteChangsha Baisha cigarette name, taken from the "Baisha Furui.""Baisha Furui" historic, Ming and Qing dynasties have inscriptions in mind blog. Qing "unified" contains: "Well in the southeast corner of the county, only Chi Xu Guang, most Gan Lie…

Scenic spotChangsha Xiaoyuan Park

2017-11-14Aix XinLe29

Changsha Xiaoyuan ParkChangsha Xiaoyuan Park is located near the fifty-one East Railway Station, the city government is based on the overall planning of urban construction investment to start construction in 1984 and a small garden-style park covers an area of ​​3.77 hectares,…

Scenic spotChangsha riverside view

2017-11-08Aix XinLe23

Changsha riverside viewHe Tu Long Wudang martial art concept is the 15th generation descendant Yi Benli built in Tongzhi year (1863), is China's only well-preserved Taoist Kun (female Taoist). Guangxu fifteen years (1890) upgrading, twenty-two years (1933) reconstruction…

Scenic spotChangsha Tian Han Grand Theater

2017-11-07Aix XinLe164

Changsha Tian Han Grand TheaterTian Han Grand Theater as a first-class professional theater performances, Changsha spiritual civilization landmarks, adhere to "promote national culture, enhance the cultural quality of the Chinese nation" business strategy, to "create quality culture…

CateChangsha features snack Amomum cake

2017-11-23Aix XinLe47

Changsha features snack Amomum cakeAmomum cake Changsha Ningxiang County's traditional cuisine, with its crisp sand sweet, soft and relenting, named after four famous Hunan cake (including the wick cake, Ma cake, bake cakes), one of the renowned outside the province…