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Changsha Liuyang Confucius Temple

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Liuyang Confucius Temple is a Confucian temple, located in Hunan Liuyang City Gui Chai Road, Confucius Temple in Qufu is the imitation of the ancient palace-style buildings. It is one of the Confucius Temple preserved. Palatial buildings of the ancient buildings is a copy of the Confucius Temple in Qufu, clear architecture typical southern architectural style.

Changsha Liuyang Confucius Temple

Liuyang Confucius Temple was built in the Song Dynasty, 1843 (Qing dynasty, twenty-three years) is now converted into a pattern. The central axis line followed by Panchi, stone bridge, lattice star gate, stone steps, Dacheng Gate, Okimichi, Qi Yang stone "Wolong hold Pearl," platforms, the Great Hall, Royal Pavilion. Yuanmen both sides, corridors, and three hundred kiosks side hall. Dacheng Hall condescending, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, glass Tongwa pavement, blue and white tiles for the ridge, center gourd ding. Hall supported by granite columns 32, arranged in three layers. Front door to the nave carved hollow for the screen, set around a stone fence around the gallery. Xi You bring up the rear Royal Pavilion Kang Xi Qianlong's inscription "gentle in mind," "teacher for all ages" and plaque. 1.67 m high platform before the house, granite paving, retaining fence week. Southeast of the platform, two southwest corner stands the four corners of the eaves Spire dance pavilion, Laoting, as the old spring and autumn Confucius dance music venues. Throughout Temple, magnificent, things symmetrical, through corridors, Zhu wall surrounded with typical southern architectural style of the Qing Dynasty. In 1962 the CPC Liuyang county the first congress was held in the Great Hall, Liuyang County Commission set up the first elections Pan Xinyuan led by the secretary. Temple has turned into "Liuyang county middle school the first," the leadership of the CPC Central Committee Hu Yaobang, Yang Yong, Li Zhimin, etc. has studied at the school, after the founding of Liuyang in a school site.

Changsha Liuyang Confucius Temple

Confucius Temple is a place, the culmination of the original temple stands a statue of Confucius, flanked by ancient Magi tablets. Confucius Qing Dynasty had made in the temple of ancient musical instruments, learning to eight yi dance. Qianlong (1736-1795) Dynasty, Liuyang man named Qiu Gushi literati, even Woodman was dug from the mountains of the ancient bell, he controlled Han, test set is a great week to chime. Later, he made a special trip to Shandong Qufu Gongreung for field research, found that ancient gourd instrument sound has been lost. So he would come back catalog in accordance with the provisions of the Han Dynasty, a full set of imitation of ancient musical instruments. Soon, he was hired as a dance instructor Liuyang county school of music. Spring and autumn Festival Music Man Temple worship Liuyang hole, it was held in accordance with the ancient music of the old rules. Xianfeng (1851-1861) Dynasty, Zēng Guofan in Anhui hearing the news, immediately invited Qiugu Shi went to play ancient music, hear, Zēng Guofan amazed, donated a plaque that read "features a pale peace, Jing An Exploration of music." Since then, the ancient Liuyang music fame, and even Confucian Qufu, Shandong Province, also sent to observe Liuyang ancient music, a full imitation of ancient musical instruments. Every year, twice the Confucius ceremony, have attracted a lot of name soil around the country to participate, even Yuan Shikai also send representatives to attend. Confucius deacon by the magistrate, music students playing ancient music, Gu Pu elegant music, dance students heard this dance, the scene is very spectacular.

Changsha Liuyang Confucius Temple

Liuyang Confucius Temple has a long history, large-scale, sophisticated construction, layout perfect, intact, in the south reputation, plus the mountain and Cravens House (which is a subsidiary part of the history of the Temple), which is the size of the domestic rare. Liuyang Confucius Temple in ancient music at home and was the only solution, known world. Liuyang Liuyang ancient music is Daoguangnianjian temperament Qiu Qing Dynasty scholar of Lu bold break through thousands of years of "non emperor without discussion ceremony, and music is not" taboo, amend "the law Lv Zhengyi," the Emperor Kang Xi temperament defects made in unearthing ancient created from the foundation "Shao music" on the ancient "Shao music" perfect reproduction, it is a famous musician Professor Yang Yinliu known as the "living fossil of ancient Chinese music." It sounds temperament, graceful, extraordinary momentum, is a manifestation of China's thousands of years of Confucian culture, rich cultural heritage, even the Confucian Temple in Qufu have come to learn. Zēng Guofan was donated to Temple Liuyang, "features a pale peace" and "profound positive music" two plaques, there are reputation "country music in Liuyang ancient ritual" of history.

Scenic Area Address: Liuyang Gui Chai Road

Car lines: in Liuyang City by bus 11,12,2,5,7 in Liuyang in a stop that is to

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