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Changsha Yuelu Academy

OHTN2017-11-16Aix XinLe

Yuelu Academy is located in the beautiful Yuelu Mountain, Hunan University campus in Changsha, Hunan Xiangjiang River West Bank, one of China's famous "four college" is. Since its founding the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, up schools unchanged. With the late Qing reform the school system, waste College, do school, colleges and other post-Revolution changed until Hunan University, are due to the expansion of the site, more than a thousand years, all institutions of higher learning located in Hunan, reflecting the long history of the country Culture and Education, is very valuable heritage historical sites. Since the last century eighty years Yuelu Academy of Hunan University through its management and repair, Academy continued the school of education and academic research tradition for thousands of years, has become a typical representative of the National Academy of inherited its traditional function, it was hailed as the "Millennium institutions" outside world.

Changsha Yuelu Academy

Song Kai-nine years (976 AD) Tanzhou prefect Zhu hole created Yuelu hold yellow hole in Yuelushan, the preliminary design "Lecture five fast sequence fifty-two." Which laid the foundation lecture part of the academy. Xianping years (AD 999 years) Li Yun observe the expansion of the state, lecturing College buildings, books, worship for the three components of the basic regulation portion is formed. Northern Song Dynasty Dazhong Xiangfu eight years (AD 1015) Emperor Song summoned mountain long (ie the President) Week style, and thanks to the amount awarded book, "So said the academy hear the world."

Changsha Yuelu Academy

Southern Song Dynasty roads reign (AD 1165) Fushi Liu Gong due to site rehabilitation, maintaining the original regulation. Liu Gong Zhang Shi presided over the postponement of things to teach. Min Zhu Xi made a special trip to visit since then, learning theory and Zhang Shi, the first of its kind academy speaks. Shaoxing five years as Zhu Xi Hunan Fushi, College "more cool Kai was built in the land, a new regulation." At that time, "The Apprentice thousand people, food Tian fifty ares." Proverb, saying: " 'Dowling three hundred public, the college one thousand Christians'", the size of the College has made significant progress.

Yuan Ming Dynasty frequently Rise and Fall of the Ming and Yangming have to carry forward the real learning in college. According to the Yuan and Ming Chi set up to twenty times the size of the construction activities. Ming court several times to make ruined College, has not directly affected. Where the construction of large-scale varies development: Zhengde Conservative Wu Shizhong re-planning, "Feng Shui is not the United States, moved to positive learning group", more academy to, moved to the Great Hall at the College left, and shaped temple system, demolition Road Temple, its timber construction college. "Thus forming the basic layout of the front portion of the existing College.

Two hundred years between the Qing Dynasty, the construction of more dense, Chi set up dozens of times the size of the construction activities, and more than a master of Abbot Park, Chuan College statecraft wind. One of the more prominent or be created: Kang Xi seven years (AD 1668) governor Zhou Zhao Nan initiate repair, the basic Cheng Ming relics. Niansan Kang Xi years (AD 1684) governor Dingsi hole and then repair, the following year was Kang Xi Yushu, "science of sex days" and other gift by volume and 13 sixteen kinds of books, then into the central axis of the rear of the existing academy regulations. Qianlong record on the environment has been the addition of landscape construction. Dean School of Law Code, the provision of open space next to the pool for the garden, planting flowers and trees, labeled "Eight." Qing Dynasty, the last large-scale construction in Tongzhi seven years (AD 1868), governor Liu Kun revive the academy, and finally left scale shapes College, will rise by the existing academy ancient rebuilt or reconstructed.

Nianba Qing dynasty years (1902 AD) the Qing government to implement "New Deal", the reform of the school system, the provinces Zhaoyu "city in the province to set up big school" and therefore waste College next year, instead of Hunan Higher School. School still my school, only the "change things Vegetarian House noted new", and from above the door, auditorium, Wenchang Pavilion, library building and Neo Zhang Zhou and other shrine, remain unchanged.

In the first year (AD 1912) of waste school, is moved into the gifted class Hunan Normal School, was renamed Hunan Higher Normal School. In six years (AD 1917) Normal closed, and moved to Hunan Technical College, the College still on the expansion of the base address, and create a provision practice facility (this site), from Foothills began construction engineering education. February 1, 1926, Hunan Provincial University (1937 national reform) was formally established at the College.

Seventies of last century, Hunan Province, Hunan University, commissioned by management, repair Yuelu Academy. Hunan University in 1979 and began restoration work Yuelu Academy and Cultural Institute was established in 1984 Yuelu Academy, set up science, College, relics and ancient buildings of four research departments, formed a team of historians, architects and conservation workers combining teaching and research and conservation team. In 1986 restoration work to be completed, the official opening, attracted the attention of all walks of life at home and abroad. In 2005, Hunan University Institute of cultural change as Yuelu Academy Yuelu Academy, under the various departments of Chinese Philosophy Institute, Institute of History, Institute of Chinese Studies thinking, the Chinese Research Center of China's soft power and cultural academies and research centers. 2009 Yuelu Academy approved recruit undergraduate history. So far, the college disciplines from undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students to post-doctoral research station pattern has been basically complete.

From construction to Millennium Yuelu Academy of Hunan University history in this beautiful campus, devoted much labor sweat and ingenuity, now play a variety of cultural and academic complex ideas and different times of struggle, reflecting the history of the country Culture and Education process, it has left behind relics historical sites, are a vivid testimony of history, it is the witness of the cultural spirit of college. College spirit is formed in the course of development in the College, after more than a thousand years of tradition and innovation, a unique form of spiritual values, ways of thinking and behavior norms.

Scenic address within Yuelu Mountain Yuelu District

Car lines: Changsha city by 63,106,132,202,305,908, Li Shan Line, 1 Brigade Road bus stop in the four city hospitals, accessible from Dongdaemun

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