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Changsha Xingsha Eco Century Park

OHTN2017-11-10Aix XinLe

Eco Xingsha Century Park Road north, south Shuiduhe, Zhuhai Expressway west, east Zhuhai West Road secondary, the park covers about 104 hectares. The total design principles park is to retain the natural ecological landscape features, full use of existing topography, vegetation and original, in the open space between the open floor, divided to form a functional integrated park.

Changsha Xingsha Eco Century Park

The park is to protect the green environment for the purpose of changing environmental quality single landscape optimization features, increase the types of trees and shrubs with plants and richness, increase plant landscape, to create a better environment for the city Xingsha, adding a large POINT, is an ecological, natural, combining leisure parks, in line with the law of natural ecology, she made the natural landscape and cultural landscape in harmony with the mountain environment to match. Park is divided into six functional areas, namely pile scene flowers landscape area, once protected forest areas, ecological protection zone, waterfront area, wetland landscape area, leisure fitness and entertainment activities.

The overall layout to park in areas with high terrain into a piece of wood as a background forest, and the chip plant landscape is dotted with seasonal basis, of varying hues flowering shrubs, pay attention to the tree, leaf shape and the overall profile of diversification; focus development of native plants, endemic species, ornamental plants, improve the effect of landscape features and attractions. Three parts projecting points, line, surface interpenetration binding characteristics. Partial view of the use of gravel and crushed parquet laid to connect the main attractions of entrance and secondary roads, road net-form line multi-point distribution, but also enhances the rustic charm of the natural landscape and ecological environment, to bring people of diverse feeling of space .

Changsha Xingsha Eco Century Park

Ecological recreation park located at the northernmost land area of ​​304,500 square meters. The main set of ecological forest area to ecological protection based, both forest recreation, water sports and entertainment functions. Including Moon Shadow Lake, tea pavilion, forest cabin, sunbathing lawn, landscape bridges, jungle adventure, impressionistic landscape gallery and other attractions. Moon Shadow Lake is the largest artificial lake ecological park, the lake area of ​​24,000 square meters, is the largest water park ecology entertainment center. As with most car parks to the park it is different, ecological zoo Xingsha both set fixed parking lot, but also allows visitors drove his car into the park to play.

According to the actual needs of the park, in the heart of the west side of the park to set up a leisure and fitness center, table tennis and badminton hall from the main hall components. Leisure and fitness center is an important component parts of an ecological park of Xingsha, closely integrated with outdoor sports facilities outside the park, forming a mass sports activities. Celebrity garden that is located within a park mutual support range Xingsha ecological park, the park set up a permanent double-support large-scale theme sculpture, reliefs, double-support bulletin boards, walls and other martyrs, the park as a place of fixed cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, to the public education in patriotism and revolutionary tradition.

From 1910 to 1950, Changsha County emerged Huang Xing, Yang Kaihui, Xu Guangda, Miao Baiying and other 844 revolutionary martyrs, martyrs wall built in Changsha County Xingsha ecological park, the revolutionary martyr First Name eleven stages on display. Outstanding contributions to the Chinese revolution martyrs, Changsha County Park also their mutual support and built-relief bust.

Scenic Area Address: Changsha County Kaiyuan Road

Car lines: in Changsha County take the 808 bus to get off and then walk to the police station in the county

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