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Changsha Moon Island

OHTN2017-11-14Aix XinLe

Changsha Moon Island is located 14 km northwest of downtown Xiangjiang River West Bank, from the School of Medicine, Changsha Xixin temple are not far from the beautiful natural scenery. Space is very large and open, there are camping mood, whatever you how to tie the tent, you can gallop, is a beautiful natural scenery featuring shed tourist spot. As slender crescent moon island of sucking Xiang, two white sandy beaches kissed Xiang blue. Willow Island side of the wind dance, Orioles fly; the island is covered with thick, dense grass creeping, like a green boundless Xi Mengsi; south to the beach is a lush green forest of reeds, the wind blowing, playing with Ashiba, breezy sound as melodious study on three, occasionally startled gulls hovering and flying, sparked endless poetic.

Changsha Moon Island

Changsha Moon Island 32 meters above sea level. 1975 repair ring Polder, Zhou Chang 8150 meters, 38.5 meters high embankment. Tsutsumiuchi 2400 acres of land, rich rice, sesame seeds, melon seeds, peanuts and so on. And planted with citrus, mulberry, water, bamboo and other economic trees. Diwai 900 acres of land, planted with willow, poplar Italy, reed.

Changsha Moon Island

Changsha Moon island has more than 1,300 villagers. Since the 1980s, started the resort, has begun to take shape, cultivated cycads, Podocarpus and other ornamental flowers 120 acres. King first Road, Bo Yibo, respectively inscription: "Developing Moon Island, built Resort", "Moon Island Paradise." Now actively introduce foreign capital to build an international resort, there are forest parks, amusement parks, water sports centers, golf courses, commercial centers, resorts and other scenic spots. Visitors will be hidden in the greenery, enjoy a leisurely vacation life, enjoy the rural scenery.

Scenic Area Address: Changsha City Wang Xiangjiang 14 km northwest of the West Bank

Car lines: in Changsha city by 903,907a line to jar Ridge Station and then walk to the

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