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Changsha Shiyan Lake Black dragon Pool underground canyon rafting

OHTN2017-11-10Aix XinLe

Shiyan Hu Yuping Peak, one of the seven two peaks Hengshan, Changsha Gui Tong source, one side Shiyan Hu Yuping Peak Cave, the dragon is a mysterious cave pit, because Shuilv such as black, called the Black Dragon Pool. According to legend, Xiangtan Zhaoshan Long Hole Cave communicates with Shiyan Hu, Zhao Temple abbot Ministry has repeatedly into the hole adventure.

Changsha Shiyan Lake Black dragon Pool underground canyon rafting

Shiyan Hu Heilongtan underground canyoning unfathomable, deep twists and turns, stalactites, cave cave, Sky, eye in the sky, stones, waterfalls, numerous rapids, is a rare adventure, expedition, rafting resort. Shiyan Hu strain due to the Director of drift binding portion, from a subterranean cave through Tan. Black Dragon Pool underground canyoning, was a thrilling, exciting journey, was a subterranean wonders, dizzying trip was a smooth dripping anhydride, happy scream trip.

A hole mouth, from mountain stream flowing waterfall so that you can not forward, but you're too late, torrent you into a pit inside the cave, a waterfall that you can not avoid dripping through the body and makes you feel into another a world of stalactites strange, dazzling. When you are filled in the front row, it is suddenly a ravine, so feel almost turned the boat, when you're wiped off the face of drops of water, flowing water from a waterfall to head; when you're trying to enjoy a smooth underground beauty, is suddenly fall down ...... stone, cliffs, waterfalls, slit, rapids make you scared panic all the way, all the way to laughter.

Changsha Shiyan Lake Black dragon Pool underground canyon rafting

When you desire entirely, you have come to be called Renjianyaochi, Hunan Shiyan Hu Jiuzhaigou, Shiyan Hu beach You Yongchi where you have to make this trip enough Shiyan Hu Yue water, "China's first night drift" of the Shiyan Hu said the "night float" since its launch, the majority of office workers alike, the night ended drift rising aims to create "new ways fashion office workers, commuting can also go rafting," the Shiyan Hu night drift main purpose is to Tan colorful make office workers more in terms of nightlife. After work, Shiyan Hu to join her lover to experience the thrilling, exciting underground canyoning, put another wish candle under the promise of the lake, to participate in the passion campfire, outdoor watch old movie, then camping under the stars. Recently, Shiyan Hu again "night float" upgrade, have carried out a different kind of "white-collar night drift speed dating" event, let single white-collar stimulation, romantic atmosphere can be found another life in half.

Scenic Area Address: Changsha County Tiaoma Shiyan Hu Village

Car lines: Changsha South Bus Station to sit Parker white bus, get off to shop Shi Yan, sit motorcycle to Shiyan Hu

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