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Guilin Yongfu Jinzhongshan scenic area

OHTN2017-10-28Aix XinLe

Guilin Yongfu Jinzhongshan scenic area, is the national AAAA level scenic area, is located in Guilin south of the "China longevity" Yongfu County Luo Jinzhen, 48 km north of Guilin, west of Guilin Liangjiang International Airport 46 km, 20 km from Yongfu County, South Yangshuo 78 km. The resort will be the perfect Yongfu Yuan long flow of traditional Fushou culture into the 7 square kilometers of the original ecological peak forest valley.

Guilin Yongfu Jinzhongshan scenic area

At present, the resort project has a cave wonders - Yongfu Rock Scenic Area, geological wonders - Guilin Tiankeng scenic spot, the source of forest health - Yongfu Hot Spring Scenic Area, "Teana Jinzhong Mountain" folk art, Kim Chung Shan Holiday Hotel, water restaurant, golf driving range, ATV Mountain off-road vehicles, bars, tea bar, KTV, multi-purpose conference rooms and other tourism resources. The whole resort is a large-scale comprehensive tourist resort integrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, business meeting, leisure vacation, enterprise staff development training, scientific health and other tourism products. It combines the exquisite beauty and beauty of Guilin landscape Natural gods gods of the magnificent, but also has a unique health heritage, to bring you to return to nature, adventure pursuit, leisurely romantic new life!

Guilin Yongfu Jinzhongshan scenic area

Yongfu rock

Yongfu rock full hole 14 km long, can be developed area of ​​3.5 km, the current viewing area of ​​1.25 km, the hole kept at 18 degrees Celsius, Dongnuanxialiang. The whole tour takes about 80 minutes, the cave scenery from small to large, from meticulous to magnificent, a total of more than 70 attractions, can be described as step by step. Many famous landscapes can be seen in the Yongfu rock, Bai Yanzhao Fuji Mountain, the heart of the Yuanmingyuan site, the magnificent Great Wall, together, vivid, vivid. Jinzhongshan Yongfu rock is the most different from the other cave, is that it is growing in the cave. In general, the cave rock thousands of years to grow a few centimeters, showing that every exquisite creatures, have spent a lot of natural gods and years. However, many caves in the development and opening up, in the strong light stimulation and man-made damage, less than two years, the cave water will dry up, the rock will stop the growth. In Kim Jong-shan, as far as possible without destroying the natural growth of the cave, our cave lights are close to natural light, while the choice of time control lights, as much as possible to protect the cave water resources, so that the rock to maintain natural growth. In view of this, Kim Jong-shan Yongfu Rock is a growing environment-friendly rock house.

Guilin Yongfu Jinzhongshan scenic area

Forest baths

Natural mineral water + natural forest environment. Forest bath is close to the nature of a strong activity, it is the same as the air bath, sunbathing, is through the natural environment to adjust the spirit, relieve fatigue, disease and physical strength. People through the large forest area, especially in the natural forest area tour, absorb a lot of fresh air, eliminate human fatigue, reduce physical and mental illness, enhance their own constitution. So the forest bath is a kind of tourism activities, but also the ideal way for people to fitness. The water in our forest baths is a natural cave mineral water. After testing, the mineral content of the cave mineral water is higher than that of the hot spring. It contains potassium, sodium, radon, calcium, magnesium, chromium and fixed carbon dioxide. Kind of minerals beneficial to the human body, the human body has a very good health care effect, for some of the diseases to improve the treatment has a great effect. Such as gastrointestinal tract, digestive system diseases, as well as Hong Kong feet, eczema, bacterial ringworm, trauma and other dermatological diseases, and arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia and other diseases, the most common effect, the other mental weakness (insomnia), anemia, Gout, eliminate fatigue and even gynecological diseases, eloquent, too numerous to mention. While the forest bath is in the natural forest will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the spa health care. In the broad green sea, enjoy the oxygen-rich movement, "wash the lungs", a wash the city's hustle and bustle, a wash the world of fatigue and trouble, easy to wash out the health and happiness.

Dry dragon dunk

The tiankeng is a huge volume, steep and trapped rock wall, deep well shape features, developed in the thickness of particularly large groundwater level in the deep soluble layer, from the ground to the ground, the bottom and the underground river connected Extremely large karst negative terrain. For mankind, it is a mysterious and beautiful place, like the beginning of creation, heaven and earth had that look. Kim Chung Shan's tiankeng is the only doline in the Guilin area, connecting the surface with the underground, can take the elevator to the top of the roof, the kind of atmosphere, spectacular, naturally can not use language to describe, Kim Jong-shan doline also step by step, everywhere , Beautiful scenery makes people indulge in pleasures without stop. Looking at the hole, bird's eye view of the pit at the end, can not help but filled with emotion, envy days of good fortune, sighing manpower ... ... At the same time Admiralty Hill is the best environment for human survival, tiankeng surface connected with the ground, and the water level is very deep Underground river interconnected, the negative oxygen molecules in the air and small water molecules combine to produce negative ions, coupled with the unique large thickness of the gas zone (gas-bearing rock), making it a natural negative ion storage, negative ions by people Known as "vitamins in the air", "longevity". It is to promote human health, improve immunity with multiple effects. Anion water sprayed to the leaves of flowers, flowers can extend the shelf life of 5-10 times. Negative ions into the human body can enhance the body's metabolism, the recent study shows that negative ions can also increase the body's antioxidants, reduce the reactive oxygen species on the human body, in the room filled with negative ions will make people feel happy.

Longevity palace (free open): longevity Palace is a temple, a Liao help ancestral hall. Longevity of the existence of the palace, both carry forward the culture of longevity, but also as a temple carrying the longevity of the desire of the temple, the harmony of the atmosphere can make people feel calm, feel the soul of purification. Today's Kim Jong-shan is a large-scale health residential garden, surrounded by mountains, green Tao tumbling, is a natural big oxygen bar, rich ground sweet and delicious, which is Liao Fu old life and 158-year-old natural secret. Now Liao Fu old man still long live Jinzhongshan longevity palace, live in the hearts of people, telling him this piece of land attachment, but also to protect the people of health and longevity. Will be leisure and entertainment facilities, golf driving range, racecourse, Europe, the United States, the Japanese-style buildings, etc. to move to the area, not to destroy the large ecological environment, but also to meet the needs of modern life, leisure time close to nature, Of the gift, the release of pressure, nursed back to health, full of ecological health. So to say, we enjoy more longevity than the elderly health of the ecological environment, not only self-cultivation, more Yang Xin, more in line with today's health needs


Yunnan De Bao pony, also known as stone mountain horse, is the world's rare rare species (naturally formed), is the best in southern China Ma species, but also the world's two major short horse source system. Its growth mature body height of 86-106 cm. Body short and stout, body shape symmetry, compact, clever demeanor, temperament tame, strong resistance to disease, adaptability, thirst quencher, unit pull is greater than the high horse, with a high ornamental, amusement recreation value. Admiralty Hill Racecourse built in the stone forest, completely natural environment, give people special enjoyment. In addition, the German dwarf pony short and sturdy, warm temperament, state stability, strong endurance, straight run when the pace is small, cautious, making the sport is also universal, and more casual, young and old Safe.

ATV off-road motorcycle

China's first mountain cross country theme lane, for the first time under the ATV four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle performance, tailored mountain off-road track, the complete release of ATV off-road performance. Let you in the karst mountain landscape, experience the unprecedented stimulation of feelings, fully appreciate the charm of mountain sports!

All the use of the world's top all-terrain models, 500CC strong power, Promise speed configuration, allowing you to easily break through the mountains, challenge and conquer the professional level of difficulty, thoroughly meet the pleasure of driving!

Unprecedented adventure theme set, rapids, ladder, corners, platform, forest road ... ... ten theme, so that your adventure enthusiasm burst, to bring you a vibrant mountain adventure trip!

Scenic area address: Guilin Yongfu County Luo Jinzhen.

Bus line: Guilin in the bus station take Guilin to Luo Jinzhen car, and then in the package van into.

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