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Guilin cuisine Quanzhou spiced tofu

OHTN2017-11-03Aix XinLe

Quanzhou spiced tofu began in the mid-Tang Dynasty, has a long history. Practice: water chunks placed baking stove, a special tablet pot, the pot temperature fire swells, maintained at about 40 degrees Celsius, to bake chunks turn yellow, and then down to the end, on the brush hot salty allspice. This amount of salt is allspice, anise, ginger butoxy, cinnamon, ginger, strawberry, clove deployment of ground material, powdery, comparison flavor.

Guilin cuisine Quanzhou spiced tofu

Allspice brush tofu, string into a special drying rope (twine with the two sub-string of abacus beads, between two double abacus bead clip on spiced tofu, tandem repeat, a dry rope tofu on a series of 20 to 30), and then hanging in the air to dry naturally. After the entire program is completed, the created folder spiced tofu exposed to light up the watch, is transparent, the intermediate tofu is slightly thinner, thickness of about 0.8cm, four edges of the thicker, about 1.2cm.

Spiced tofu bright color, long shelf life, nutrient-rich, unique taste, has become the state's snack, and left, "spiced tofu with rice, Ding pot are scraping rotten," the saying in private.

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