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Guilin Yangshuo cuisine eighteen brewing

OHTN2017-11-03Aix XinLe

With soy or other vegetables as a "skin", with a meat or eggs as "stuffing", by steaming, boiling, frying, cooked hot, etc., giving a unnoticed appetizing taste. There are more than thirty varieties of common snail stuffed, stuffed melons, stuffed tofu, stuffed naringin, Doucai wine and so on.

Guilin Yangshuo cuisine eighteen brewing

Yangshuo variety of stuffed vegetables, unique taste delicious, chic new material, very much variety, known as "Yangshuo eighteen brewing," including escargot stuffed, stuffed bean curd, pomelo peel stuffed, stuffed bamboo shoots, Hong bacteria stuffed, stuffed mushrooms, pumpkin flower stuffed, stuffed eggs, stuffed bitter gourd, stuffed eggplant, stuffed peppers, stuffed melon, stuffed taro, garlic stuffed, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed bean sprouts, fried tofu stuffed, stuffed bun, etc., in short, gives the impression that almost all of the Yangshuo ingredients into the hands of people can be "stuffed." Came to Yangshuo, be sure to taste the unique flavor of those stuffed vegetables, to taste the food culture of the essence of human ingenuity Yangshuo "Landscape and soul with beauty".

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