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Guilin Gongcheng Zhou Wei Temple

OHTN2017-10-28Aix XinLe

Gongcheng Zhou Wei Temple, Gongcheng people call it zhouwangmiao or Jiaying Temple, located in Gongcheng county east. It fourteen years Chenghua Ming Dynasty (AD 1478), the Qing Yongzheng reign (AD 1723) rebuilt, is to supervise the censor Zhou Wei Song worship shrines , Gatehouse, large hall, apse (destroyed) by the stage (destroyed), left and right wing components. Zhu five specimens of two hall Chuandou frame on three sides and brick composite structure. Hall of rooms wide and deep into the agreement. Chongyanxieshan style gatehouse, Miankuo five, between seasons, between times and between the tip.

Guilin Gongcheng Zhou Wei Temple

According to the "History of the Song" records, Zhou Wei is Gongcheng County intersection (furnace Village) people, birth city of residual Don V. died in the Northern Song Xianping years (AD 999 years), thanks to the same Scholars origin, to Shi Shi Huan . Gongcheng old county annals, he was concerned about the sufferings of the people of his hometown, petitioned-court taxes, trying to develop wisdom, set up rural school. Due to the integrity of his life, quite performance, Zhao Ting died and was bestowed as "Zhong Hu Hui Wang Lie," hometown people a sense of kindness, for his contributions to the temple, statue, poem with praise, saying: EMI legend Zhou Yushi; Chiaki miss the ancient Xian. During the Lunar June 15 birthday of Zhou Wei, that is the county seat and nearby rural masses held a grand commemoration, thanksgiving acting in front of the temple, along the street every household furnishings offerings sacrifice, honor guard procession carrying the statue of Zhou Wei, Chuichuidada, percussion deafening, the atmosphere is very warm.

Guilin Gongcheng Zhou Wei Temple

Zhou Wei Temple covers an area of ​​over 1600 square meters, construction area of ​​1040 square meters, from the stage (destroyed by three decades), the gatehouse, hall, rear, left and right wing components. Existing total area of ​​30.2 × 42.9m, two specimens of five hall Zhu Chuandou frame on three sides and brick composite structure. Wide hall (12.2m) less than the depth (14.8m), wide wing and the temple consistent depth. Now a regional key cultural relics protection units.

Zhou Wei temple gate, is the essence of the whole temple is located. Gatehouse Miankuo five, Chongyanxieshan, quite characteristic ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties. Yan Zhu supporting the canopy, gold stud through the top support eaves above, the intermediate body suddenly received a small, five-layer brackets overhangs, the right to use the roof cornice Gao Qiao, look magnificent. A bucket, bucket grips, duck grips bucket combined into three forms and regular stringency eaves, honeycomb shape, known as "bees floor." Brackets only for decoration, relies entirely on internal Fang m word lattice supporting the upper roof. Brackets monomer shape of chicken feet, the upper eaves gas and produce smooth reflux, from time to time roaring sound, the birds did not dare to make this nest built nest, played a role in the natural protection against infringement of birds and insects, which in ancient buildings are rare. On the cornice between the tip peripheral wall, the whole building more than a thousand root solid wood series coincide with each other, reasonable to assume top load, so that the roof cornices pick away, for the construction of the Qing Dynasty are rare. Research for the modern people of ancient buildings, provided valuable physical example.

In its apse show is a total length of more than 500 meters before drawing reflect Millennium Yao people production, life and faith in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong Jun nine years (1744), lifelike called "country must" Meishan map, the there are pictures of different morphology than 1000 characters, each significant look. Yao people have cultivated mulberry weaving, fishing and hunting business scenarios, as well as the Yao people leisurely play to play, dance get ink pen taste revealed. All screen drawing delicate, vivid and engaging with explanatory text can also read and understand. "Meishan map" in 1992 found that collect water collection from the county Guanyin Township, Bin Yao folk village five rows, a total length of over 100 meters, 0.4 meters wide, is linen canvas, painted more than 1,000 figures, there are farming, hunting, ceremonies , music and dance, fairy tale and so on, modeling different styles, lifelike, painting lines smooth, rich colors, are summarized as Yao people throughout history, production, life, customs, religion, clothing and so on. According to research, relevant experts, "Meishan map" Yao is China is currently the only relatively intact ancient paintings.

Scenic Area Address: Guilin Gongcheng County Xinglong Street.

Car lines: ride to Guilin Gongcheng shuttle to arrive.

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