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Guilin Yangshuo West Street

OHTN2017-10-30Aix XinLe
Yangshuo is a city with 2,000 years of history of the river, the most beautiful town, visitors clouds.West Street less than 1 km, the brick stone, S-curved. Streets filled with a variety of tourist Ji Nianpin

Yangshuo is a city with 2,000 years of history of the river, the most beautiful town, visitors clouds.West Street less than 1 km, the brick stone, S-curved. Streets filled with a variety of tourist Ji Nianpin.

Guilin Yangshuo West Street

Yangshuo West Street is a foreigner in China's most densely street, foreigners come here to live leisure travel three times the resident population here every year. West is China's largest foreign language corner, its high proportion of foreign-related marriage as the whole of China the most. For this reason, tourism industry experts and scholars call it "China Tourism in Yangshuo phenomenon", China's "global village." This phenomenon is caused by the Chinese people's attention, the world's attention. It is full of exotic night view is even more fascinating and charming.

Guilin Yangshuo West Street

Hotel on West Street, restaurants, cafes, bars and so are the Chinese and Western, almost all of the signs are in Chinese and English, from the boss to the waiter to Aunt street stalls can speak fluent English, has been here no geographical differences, and idle, leisurely life, so many tourists come here for a long time did not want to leave. "Snatch a few days busy", perhaps here can feel what is life.

Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun, Deng Xiaoping and other Chinese leaders have Walk this street, the street also left footprints all over the world close to a hundred heads of state and heads of government. In the West, all the time will see different nationalities, different colors, different voice speaking foreigner, arm in arm or hand in hand, or carrying a backpack, shoulder to shoulder one after another, sections from. They freely, laughing. Beer at the bar, looking for information in the cafe, cordial conversation in the street, in a small shop bargain buy favorite Chinese goods. All bars, restaurants, hotels, almost all of the pattern is different, full of exotic. Many foreigners come to "study" the Chinese people learn to Yangshuo; some come for leisure, a stay is ten and a half or six months; there is to "work", to help the boss to do things, learn to do Chinese food. Every year hundreds of thousands of foreigners come and go sightseeing in the West, live, work, study, anywhere in China which are not. Therefore, the Chinese people's unique West called "Foreigner Street."

Guilin Yangshuo West Street

West as a meeting point of East and West, traditional oriental culture and modern Western Wen Ming in this integration, communication, perfect match. Here is the Chinese people learn a foreign language, the ideal classroom foreigners learn Chinese. West Street there are dozens of foreign language schools, training centers, computer training and spoken language training camp. Those street of bars, restaurants offer not only food, a greater role is to allow Chinese and foreign friends mutual instruction, exchange information, learn Chinese and Western cultures. As long as you can say "Hello" "Good morning" "Good night" or Chinese polite language, you will soon find a bosom friend. Yangshuo is a cloud people 'English first Chinese county, "" Earth English Corner "worthy of the name.

building style

West Street building very unique, and Western. West part of the house retains the flavor of Northern Ming and Qing Dynasties building, small tiles, sloping roof, white walls, hanging balconies, stone street; street lined with bars and cafes are just like European architectural style, building mostly high three or four, has a bell tower and the roof of the multi castle, arcade column is round, doors and windows is semicircle dome, varied colors, red, green, purple, harmony staggered. From a distance, the West Village building like art statue of a seat, beautiful ......

Cultural influences

Yangshuo County Yangshuo West Street is the oldest street. The early 1970s, Yangshuo opening up Western tourists discovered the West, those metropolitan hustle and fast-paced work upsets the mental and physical exhaustion of the West, where to find the rest of the "harbor." At the same time, they are Gu Pu and elegant residential local and traditional culture, folk customs showed great interest, have their unique feeling of Yangshuo West Street written on the travel guide book.

In recent years, every year to Yangshuo West Street sightseeing and leisure travelers more than hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors. Some of them a few days, ten and a half, there are living here for a year a few years, some simply married in Yangshuo West Street, business. Yangshuo West Street has become a blend of Chinese and Western cultures "Foreigners Street" has become beyond the area of ​​the "Chinese global village" has become China's largest "foreign language corner." The world's most authoritative independent travel series "Lonely Planet" every year with plenty of space introduced Yangshuo West Street, and called on tourists around the world: "Yangshuo West Street to go!" Published in recent years reflect Yangshuo West Street Publishing It was up to 300 species. Yangshuo West Street culture has become a leader in the Chinese culture street culture.

Scenic Area Address: Yangshuo town center.

Car lines: Guilin Bus Station direct fast bus to Yangshuo West Street, fare 15 yuan / person. Or in Yangshuo County, take the cable car to the West and get off at the mouth.

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