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The Lijiang River scenic spot and its strategy

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The Lijiang River scenic spot and its strategy

An ordinary Cruise

Guilin, Yangshuo (Note: the middle arranged into the shopping tour): This is the river tour, usually 7:30 urban access, nine points to ten points in the Guilin Mopanshan pier boat, two pm to Yangshuo, about 250 yuan / person, lunch on the boat.

The Lijiang River scenic spot and its strategy

[Yangshuo], Yang Di: this new route, travel is the Lijiang Yangshuo intact, 2 class 10:00, 13:30150 yuan / person per day, compared to 7 of the Guilin, can have a good sleep, but not many people in this line, strongly recommended. One day in advance booking, car go Hotel Then, very convenient.

Two, bamboo rafting tour Lijiang essence section, there are two departure, one is the Yang Di, a Xingping, of which there are 20 yuan Xingping background, not to be missed. Everyone's price is 198 yuan, a raft is sitting 4, if not four, you need a space of 35 yuan per fill vacancy fee to the raft. The basic market online: two pack raft, 280-300 yuan; three pack raft, 350-400 yuan; four bag raft, 430-480 yuan.

If there is contact to help the local people booking, the price can be reduced 20-40 yuan this. Don't look at the Lijiang River rafting fare now so high, in fact, in addition to raft oil fees, management fees, wear fee, a profit is 40 yuan, so we have to understand one another. If you are driving, that drive to the terminal Xingping, travel to the Yang Di Xingping return, so that each pay 50 yuan fee raft to the driver to oil.

How to go?

1, to the Yangshuo bus ride to Yangshuo Yang Di terminal bus, the fare is 10 yuan a person. To take a bus back to Yangshuo Xingping can be, the fare is 8 yuan / person, and back to the one-way time is about 1 hours, about 1 hours of rafting.

2, direct charter.

Three, hiking, walking from the Yang Di Xingping, busy to incorporate other and incorporate other tour pal tour pal. Physical demand is higher, especially in the summer, walking a few hours in the sun, this is definitely not a wonderful enjoyment, especially for girls, the consequences of exposure is not how I said. Secondly, on foot The line angle is very high, many do not see the scenery. If it is not self torture Have a fever Friend, or take a boat to see the good.

Xingping Town, is the most beautiful town along the Li River, this is worth to stay for a period of time.

There are several attractions around the hotel is also very good:

It is a long neck river rafting and nine horse painting mountain rafting, but only for the summer, the entire 4 km river paragraph amounted to more than 200 meters, about two hours, very thrilling and near misses, 9:00, 12:00, 14:30 every day in class three.

The president of fishing village, along the Lijiang River in Xingping terminal 2 kilometers away, he was the first president of Chinese Sun Zhongshan, President Clinton had visited the village. Fishing in the Lijiang River, the village houses of brick and tile, roofing, walls, cornices, and horse, carved windows, with the typical Ming and Qing Dynasties in North Guangxi houses, according to the nearly 500 years of history, is still well preserved. You can rent a boat to go to, the scenery is very beautiful.

Four, Liu Sanjie water park, known locally as "Diamond waterway", located in Yangshuo county to welfare town 18 km section of the Lijiang River, is the famous movie "Liu Sanjie" location, the wide river surface, bamboo trees, like a piece of wonderful landscape painting. You can rent a boat to go to, cost about 100 yuan / person. The river is famous and canoe drifting through the water, the way to the beach, fun and exciting, you can see the beautiful scenery of Lijiang, and can exercise the body, too, suitable for small team development.

The Yulong River Scenic Area and its strategy

Known as "little Lijiang" called the Yulong River across Lingui, two Yangshuo County, about 43.5 km, is the essence of Guilin Scenery in the world, leisurely and carefree fresh and simple temperament, cross-strait lush bamboo forest, the fish, together to create a harmonious.

Yulong he called an ancient water, and later because of the famous scenery of Yangshuo County Baisha Town section, and renamed "Yulong River", now here has become the tourists will miss the regret of tourist attractions.

Spring, the Yulong River green shoots inadvertently brought a breath of life; summer, the oil to the growth of rice fields, a vitality; autumn, simple farmer rolled up his trousers to harvest the fruits of labor; winter Ah, daekgum rotating waterwheel is not stopped, the cottage from the smoke curl, together with the continuation of the Yulong River life.

Now, more and more people choose to walk the way to visit this area scenery, keenly aware of the beauty of nature, perhaps they want to become beautiful scenery in a structure of "fairyland" graceful.

The Yulong River rafting, not the kind of stimulus type drift, and the Lijiang River raft trips are not the same. Lijiang tour is raft machine power, Yulong River rafting is completely artificial, in fact, the raft down the river, take the tourists, allowing visitors to enjoy the Yulong River landscape and pastoral scenery, there are two bamboo chairs on the raft, visitors can sleep in a chair, can swim in the river in summer, see photos of friends is clear, not seen, you can first look up the brain River middle reaches of the raft scene, we later on.

The village of Yulong River along the Yangtze River are engaged in Wharf drifting, drifting from the golden bridge bridge to the workers and peasants (about 5 hours) is full, the price is about 160-200 yuan / person;

The golden bridge to the old county (about 120 minutes) is the second, the price of 90-120 yuan / person;

From the Chaoyang Bridge Pier to the workers and peasants (about 90 minutes) is the second half of the season, the price is about 60-90 yuan / person.

Drifting is not as long as possible, to see the needs of each season and the situation. As for the first half and the second half of 1, which is good, the second half of the raft letter but the occupation moral is poor; 2, Yulong River rafting is very quiet, on the second half of the less people, scenery is beautiful.

Note: a rafting raft seat two adults (with children), can not spell raft, a man needs to fill vacancy fee, that is not in order to save costs, where temporary find a person with you sitting on a bamboo raft, need to find a good partner can "; with the other 1 children below 1.2 meters, costs of children to master 30 yuan ultra hard costs, more than 1.2 meters by adult calculation; rafting no concessions, that is to say what documents do not work there.

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