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Guangzhou features snack Quanzhou red oil rice noodles

OHTN2017-11-03Aix XinLe

Quanzhou County in Guilin rice noodles are marked unique flavor snacks, the emphasis is on soup and marked. They are marked rice soup, no dry food. That soup, a little more authentic, pig bone soup, but also the capital of the willing, with the pig soup is, the more willing the capital, which is said to also put a chicken inside. And then boil the beans overnight, pure rice soup will be out. Then lean pork chop for Roumo, further to cook the pot. When eating, hot (Guilin called "risk") plus a good rice bean soup and stew soup, add minced meat, add a spoon diesel oil, plus onions and coriander (cilantro) and various other spices, you start rattling eat. Of course, if you can not stand spicy, or put less points marked as well.

Guangzhou features snack Quanzhou red oil rice noodles

This marked oil, said said is worth of. Authentic marked, Hongliang is transparent, one can see the bottom of the bowl Sheng in a bowl. If it is cloudy, either impure oil or practice is wrong. It is better than the kind of Guilin rice noodles fried dried chili foam, eat a mouthful of rough in the mouth, more than the kind of so-called Beijing chili oil, a little spicy and no shadow. It gave you all of the waste products filtered out, it's hot, it can be said to be spicy essence. It Hongliang float on the surface of the soup, the soup is clear, the oil is hot, if you can not stand the hot, blowing open the red oil drink hot soup for Solution: various flavor is both mixed together, and such a separation is possible, is fantastic.

According to legend, the state has a big dutiful son Tang Guozhong. One winter, his mother got sick, not eating. He anxious restlessness, and quickly turned to Chang E incense. Chang E teach Tang Guozhong "three hot" (hot pepper, ginger, garlic) food make fend off the cold with a statewide: selection of red pepper, first clean boiled look, seeded, plus the amount of salt, pour the cooked peppers with water stone was ground into a fine pulp. Then take the appropriate peanut oil in the pot to heat, poured into a slurry of fine pepper, stirring constantly, i.e., become marked when boiled hot pepper sauce nonstick spatula. Marked with rice noodles, tasty appetizers, cold, Tang Guozhong old mother ate three times, illness miraculously better. Since then, oil rice widespread across the state.

In the "Encyclopedia of Guangxi traditional food," a book of this legendary record is different, that the state's dutiful son Tang Guozhong was born in the Qing Dynasty. Suddenly bedridden mother, after not eating, Tang Guozhong up the hill carrying a shotgun, knocked a pheasant, how to consider the way back to the mother appetizers, suddenly had an idea: If the rice crushed, twisted thin strips, then pheasant stew rotten plus soybeans and a variety of nutritious, appetizing ingredients, the mother must eat. After returning home, he immediately rice ramming into strips, the pheasant, soybeans wok, until chicken Dunlan fish. Remove the bones thrown into the pot boil. Turn wild minced chicken, rice flour to knead into thin strips of egg soup a hot, into a bowl, add small chicken, peppers, beans and other ingredients. Mother tasted, felt fresh and delicious, appetite, ate two bowls. After Tang Guozhong changing the pattern to make rice taste to his mother, shortly after his mother back to health. This one to ten, hundred, people praised Tang Guozhong filial piety while, have advice do gravitropic rice craft.

Statewide marked the most important feature of rice is hot and spicy. Why is this? From the following practices you will be able to know where the mystery lies.

Statewide marked rice production process

(Raw materials)

Rice, oil, broth, green onion and so on.


(1) produced marked. Selection red peppers, with water at Shaozhu, seeded remove, add appropriate amount of salt, pepper and cooked together with the water into the ground to a fine pulp mill stand. When the proper amount of peanut (peanut oil by 200 g 500 g fresh pepper operator, if it is dried chilli, pepper press 500 g, 750 g of oil), first Heat the pan until the oil Wenda She's 100 degrees , pepper fine pulp with constant stirring, and. Serve boiled chili sauce when marked nonstick spatula.

(2) bone soup boil. Press 5 kg of water, 500 g pig, soybeans 500 g, 200 g tempeh, Mangosteen 2, ginger 50 grams, 300 grams of salt material under. First bones boiled for a while and then the other ingredients into the pot and cook, after a taste and set aside.

(3) manufactured meat soup. The pork chop meat, add appropriate amount of MSG in the bowl (basin), and then poured into a bowl of soup with a little bone to break up the meat, and then into the hot bone soup, boiled meat to spare.

(4) take the powder. The fine rice set fishing spoon first, into the bone soup pot with hot, lift the spoon, pour the rice bowl, add meat soup, oil, chopped green onion and serve.


and hot and spicy, medium spicy, pink slip Tang Xian, refreshing aperitif.

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