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Guilin Yuzi paradise

OHTN2017-10-31Aix XinLe

A perfect harmony of art and nature park.

Both a top leisure resort landscape views and contemporary art atmosphere.

Guilin Yuzi paradise

Yuzi Paradise is located in the picturesque southern China Guilin Yan Bu Xiang big mountain, founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur Mr. Cao Zhang day in 1998, sitting on 8,000 acres of landscape wonders, art collection, exhibitions, exchanges, conferences, training and leisure in one, with its beautiful natural scenery and rich artistic atmosphere unique to become the world's top creative base and resorts. In 2003, Yuzi Paradise was named the national AAAA scenic spot; in 2004, the center was awarded the Ministry of Culture "National Cultural Industry Model Base".

Yuzi Paradise of the first phase project covers an area of ​​about 900 acres, on April 1, 2003 opening. The first phase of the construction project are: Hotel of Modern Art (Hotel of Modern Art, including two hotels), Yuzi Music International Art Center, creative workshops, meals fool Square, daydreaming Memorial Administration Building 7 of the main building and sculpture series landscape theme. To "protect nature, to create humanistic" for the construction of garden ideas, HOMA combines the power of global artists, compatible Guilin and the essence of the art of contemporary culture heaven, and encourage people to get close to nature, close to the art, into intellectual and emotional blend of new aesthetic experience .

Guilin Yuzi paradise

Since 1997, a total of HOMA held 11th International Sculpture Symposium activities, more than 140 outstanding sculptor nearly 47 countries and regions involved, created nearly two hundred large outdoor works, for visitors Ferris tasting. "Fool Cup" Art Award, the ad hoc creation, in the creation of parks, Commissioned, exhibition promotion, Summer Art Camp, IART art classes, rich and diverse arts and cultural activities and international exchanges, the achievements of the core features Yuzi Paradise distinctive. Place in the creation, set stone, bronze, printmaking, ceramics, wood, glass, metalwork seven studio with professional equipment, highly skilled assistant, unique experience of trainers to meet different levels of creation and learning needs.

(HOMA) Hotel of Modern Art (Hotel of Modern Art, referred HOMA) There are over 170 unique creative rooms over two floors HOMA and HOMA Relais & Chateaux, the art building and daydreaming two museums. HOMA the artistic elements into the hotel services, its unique artistic style and world-class service levels, and HOMA open-air museum of art reflect each other, is not only a top tourist resort, but the staff charged, conference training, family travel best first choice.

Guilin Yuzi paradise

HOMA also created the world's only a Deng Lijun music garden; a few meters of cloth to create a unique melon in the world and look forward to a cordial and lively way to let the public experience of life and art interact.

Close to nature, sentiment arts, all in Yuzi Paradise!

Scenic Area Address: Big Bu Xiang Yan mountains of Guilin in Guangxi

Car lines: 1 car station Yangshuo Yangshuo - Guilin Bus fares $ 5, get off the road to the big port ride motorcycles, three yuan, to the park entrance. 2, Guilin Bus Station on Guilin - HOMA buses, 20 minutes, 6:40 to 18: 20, 5 yuan fare.

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