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Quest Guilin Lingchuan dog meat culture

OHTN2017-11-03Aix XinLe

Many minority of dog food in the food culture has a long history, its cooking dog, stunt dog food are unique, fame. Such as Korean, Buyi, Jino, Zhuang, Miao, Dai, and so on. This article explores the Zhuang people eat dog meat historical origins and development. Explore dog culture, it is to study the culture dish Gui.

Quest Guilin Lingchuan dog meat culture

Zhuang people eat dog meat has its historical reasons: First, the noble customs, and second, with the local wind, wet, cold to fight. It's also social factors, there are three: First, the impact of royal families; the second is respected local officials; the third is the masses of production and life practice.

As we all know, high nutritional value of dog meat. Per 100 grams of food which may be 80%, of which 76 g of water, 16.8 g protein, 4.6 g fat, 1.8 g carbohydrate, 0.8 g ashes, vitamin A157 mg, 0.34 mg thiamine, 0.11 mg riboflavin, niacin 10.4 mg, 14 mg potassium, sodium, 47.4 mg, 52 mg calcium, 14 mg magnesium, 2.9 mg iron, phosphorus 10.7 mg, 3024.8 kcal of heat. Dog meat is a tonic, unparalleled. Tasty and tender, fragrant rabbit meat, chicken dog with a lamb, horse meat is too thin, too thin donkey, popular, is nothing more than livestock in the top grade. Ming Dynasty physician Li in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: dog meat can be five organs, are light, Qi, warm lassitude, strong real gas, up five workers and injured seven, fill the essence. Not only that, but also anti-disease stomach, lift the spirit to resist the cold. As the saying goes: "eat dog meat nice and warm, do not quilt can be for the winter," "drinking dog meat soup, the winter can be as quilt" is the best evidence.

Zhuang ancestors eating dog meat is a noble custom

Great teacher Engels "human process of transformation from ape to the role of labor" in say: "If you do not eat meat, people will not develop to the point of." Really a good idea, our ancestors had to eat meat, while the dog is one of China's earliest domesticated animals, so housekeeping hunting dog in Helping apart, our ancestors became hungry to feed their families delicious. Qin Han in the past, not just any dog ​​can eat. "Ling Book of Rites," said: "Son of Heaven Ma and dog food", "kingship" chapter more words: "Princes reason not to get rid of cattle, sheep doctors do not kill for no reason, no reason not to kill dogs with disabilities dolphin, common people do not eat no reason Jane . " Description least more than taxis class to eat dog meat. "The more Mandarin language" records: "Health husband, two pot of wine, a dog; born woman, two pot of wine, a dolphin." Dog meat than high-grade pork. Mencius said: "The chicken dolphin Gouzhi livestock, without losing its taste and seventies can carry on eating meat." This means that, seventy years of age seventy have the right to eat dog meat, dog meat seen how precious Yes. Ming Dynasty revealed years "Dian Chi" Volumes "Lennon its kind in Quang Nam, custom roughly the same with one hundred barbarians, sweet dog addicted rats." Qing "Imperial outside Miao Tu" also contains "Zhuang, dog food per capita Lennon mouse. "Kang Xi" Yuanjiang Prefecture "there Lennon," reads Gan dog addicted mouse ". Today Jingxi, Longlin, De Paul area annual Lunar New Year February 22 or early May have been "dog festival." Zhuang people adhering to the noble customs and large full diet.

Zhuang has more than 12 million people, is the country's most populous ethnic minorities, have thrived in Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in the Qin Han dynasties, the habit of eating dog meat should already started before the Qin Han. Eating dog meat is divided into four sections: First, northern Guangxi (Guilin Lingchuan raw dog meat stew, Liuzhou boiled dog meat), and second in Nanning (Nanning cut white dog), third is the southern district (Binyang, Yulin cut white dog), four are in the Southwest (Jingxi, de Paul, Longlin). Gui dish developed in the Song and Yuan dynasties, dog Yaozhuan also been a corresponding increase. At that time the national economic center of gravity from north to south migration, a large number of people and the Central Plains culture, including advanced cooking techniques, including entering Guangxi, to promote the formation and development of Guangxi dishes. Meanwhile Zhuang, Han, Miao, Dong, Dai and other ethnic five parties live together, interacting with each other, so it goes, eat "dog" by many people, feeding the dog population has grown exponentially.

And wind, wet, cold fight, need to eat dog meat, the Han Chu and food culture of the same strain

Historically, the ancient Guangxi Baiyue, Chu during the Warring States, "Gui Jing belong to it, the South Chu land." Qin Shi Huang in 214 BC, after the unification of China Lingnan, set up in Guangxi Guilin county. The king was living in Changsha, Hunan occupied, Lake, across Guizhou, south even Liu, North Jianghan shock, the whole territory under the jurisdiction of Hunan Province and the northern, north-west of Guangdong and Guangxi vast areas. Guilin is located in subtropical monsoon zone Tracks at the southern end of the canyon corridor, an important channel for the northern cold air southward invasion, the main production activity rivers horizon, the residents, such as rice planting, weir dam repair, punt put the row, stone burning ash, etc. and so on, while the wind, wet, cold fight, so people in order to "kill a dog dinner" for the pleasure, dog meat has become a delicacy gallery. Locals love to eat dog meat has been famous ancient, addicted to the extent that the dog, from the old man with a child under the age of three to smell the incense No drooling dog. Eating dog meat is not only a way of life and the natural environment Zhuang people coordinated formed, but also a unique cultural landscape.

There are a large number of cultural relics on dog food in the 1970s excavated in Mawangdui. As a dog hip soup Ding, a dog whose ribs, a shoulder, dogs, etc., unearthed Book "52 Prescription" Treatment of the disease in mind the dog bite. In the "births book," pointed out: "pregnant with the child who is cooking white male dog (male dog) first, so that alone eat, his son and white, there are (also) prone." Says pregnant women eat white male dog's head, fetus It looks good, but also to the fetus smooth output. Contained in two volumes funerary objects unearthed in inventory: "Dicliptera Sunburn" is the dog after liver wrapped with "net oil" fire roasted until all burned out before eating. Cooking method to process many as a dozen, there are nine categories of nineteen kinds of spices, from material selection point of view, the election is not selected the young and strong, strong election do not choose the old, especially eating dog, pig. From the analysis of food samples excavated, they eat to feeding puppies less than 1 year as the best, the dog is too small, tender, tasteless, nourishing effect Therapy poor; the dog is too large, fleshy thick and old, strong fishy odor , poor taste. It also pointed out that female (mother) less than male (male). Guilin is also circulating today "a dog's foot, three tonic" "six pounds of chicken dog" (a pound weight of chicken, six months old dog) statement, the Han Chu and food culture of the same strain.

Mawangdui burial's a time when "Wenjing" period, there is a large agricultural development, there has been economic boom "fish livestock, will seek to" the. Han "Salt and Iron Powder inadequate" enumerated "restaurants" in there "slice sauce dog", dog meat is obvious that not only the royal families of the single bell, but also become one of Yaozhuan hotel. Look at today's market, in Guangxi Guangxi, Liuzhou, Nanning, Wu four cities, especially in Guilin, a dog meat restaurant restaurants there are dishes everywhere, form a distinct historical controls.

Eating dog meat, local officials fueled

Up to the Qing dynasty years, the governor of Guangxi Zhang Mingqi highly respected dog culture. He held a "Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Guangxi" chef examination during his tenure, Gui dish won the first prize. The "special flavor to sheep" may be sixteen courses, made a contribution Gui dishes. "The sheep", that is also dog. Its official position of the governor, spectacular forms of propaganda, no doubt of great benefit to enhance the reputation of dog food culture.

Nanning has to sell a street in the Qing Dynasty, called "Street stalls dog." Early Republic of China Guangxi Zhuang Nanning captaincy Lu Rongting is Wuming County suburbs, addicted to eating dog meat, often "all dogs seats." Banquet guests.

Republican 15-- 19 years, when Ren Lingchuan County Magistrate Chen Meiwen, Cantonese, praised Lingchuan dog meat nutritious and delicious, that "birds of heaven, but quail incense; the beasts of the earth, but fragrant dog," "a sheep arrived, but a skinny dog ​​", its subordinate match up, each will have dinner treat to kill a dog, it is" dog county, "he said. Today Lingchuan, wind ascendant dog food, the dog became Planted "national dish."

Dog meat is not only topped the halls, and there is only solution Gui Lin dishes trend

Guangxi local production of dog meat, not only varieties, technology refined, utilization rate is also high, the brain, intestines, bones, claws, liver, gall bladder, and even blood is applied together to create a variety of dishes. Such as white vinegar Cut, Griddle dog meat, boiled dog meat, crispy breast dogs, winter dog double buckle, fried dog brain, chestnut dog meat pot, wax dog, dog sausages can also be made "whole dog feast." Among the many varieties of white vinegar cut the most popular. Zhuang masses every day on set, three to five enclosure, mora gather to drink. Sliced ​​dog so popular, it is unique in that the production: First, the skin of the dog is used to ensure the crispy food ( "dog without skin, three taste down"); second, using water boil technology cleared Xingsao smell of dog; Third, do not add spices cooked with seasoning and adjust, so delicate clear slippery, delicious flavor. And Nanning, southern district hotter, people eat light.

Northern suburb of Guilin Lingchuan dog par excellence the most famous. 1991 Lingchuan County Jichang Jichang dog meat restaurant in order to participate in the first China Beijing National Exposition "Best Food Culture Honor Award"; in 2003 Jichang restaurant features dog food "ferry end of the year", "landing into gold" in the tenth He won two "Chinese dishes" gold medal three Chinese cooks Festival. Whether dignitaries or celebrities, or merchants who are indulge in delicious dog's. Former Culture Secretary Mu Geng Chan said: "delicious scent, called a must", a Taiwan scholar after tasting Lingchuan dog meat is pleased to pick up a pen: "Even if Taipei Monarch of the Seas, less than Jichang dog incense."

According to experts, Lingchuan dog meat cooking methods is one of the best cooking methods. Lingchuan people summed up a set of eating dog meat. As "a yellow flower two four black and white" to coat on the merits to male dogs of varying Rattus male, weight 15-20 kg. And straw singeing to add color aroma, only when cooking with firewood to cook dog meat, cooked dog meat taste so through muscle, the fragrant one. Take the meat and vegetables, nutritional balance principle with tofu and sour mustard when served, tofu is made of plaster, have the effect of a goal, the acid solution tired mustard can Sheng Jin appetizer. Lingchuan dog hobby is gourmet dog gluttonous scholar hailed as the best in the world delicious.

Dog meat is not only topped the humble and great cuisine unmatched in Gui Lin trend. Formed a "South dog (dog south), North Duck (Beijing Duck)," the Chinese food culture Grand View.

Throughout history, many Zhuang feeding the dog population, wide area, a long history, called China the most.

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