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Yangshuo features folk festivals

OHTN2017-11-02Aix XinLe

Yangshuo is a Han, Zhuang, Yao inhabited place in the history of thousands of years, formed a rich ethnic and local characteristics of folk customs, inherit and carry forward the fine Chinese traditional culture and moral values.

Yangshuo features folk festivals

Folk Duige

Yangshuo Habitat Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao and other 11 ethnic groups, all ethnic groups in addition to its own customs, festivals, but a common feature is the good folk songs. Regardless of weddings and marriage, or the holidays, often swing song sets, assessed by, until the night still refused to disperse. These folk have a romance, there is talk of life to death, advocating filial piety, but also talk about past and narrative. The singer ranging from three to five people, as many as dozens of people. Especially Zhuang Autonomous Takada's Mid-Autumn Festival antiphonal singing, welfare tail Yao people, "Song of the Church is willing to" be the most characteristic.

Benefits May 8

Welfare May Day Eight: Yangshuo County Welfare folk traditional festival, Chinese lunar calendar every year before and after the eighth day of May, folklore by the civil society organizations in the town to carry out welfare, sports and festival. May eighth day: each household on the dike tie up three feet six inches tall vertical lights to the town and even the elderly temple discharge, then welfare May 8 (6) worship a statue of Buddha hundred and two temple to lift, hold parades on the street. The team parade have arts, sports teams, lion, playing card lights, stilt-walkers, Pat Sin paper models, percussion canopy, the story of Taiwan, Han Chuan, and so on. Procession is completed folklore performances (singing Gui opera, etc.), physical activity (game, chess, etc.), along with various business activities. These activities normally take five to ten days. During the holiday season (locally known as catch-session), and everyone bitter brew their own wine for the main course and entertain guests. Duration of welfare "May 8," the origins of the legend is that people in this eighth day of May to sacrifice even the elderly temple can be many sons, peace and prosperity. There on the altar of sacrifice father, mother temple of such a couplet: a well-intentioned mother bless all men Aberdeen, father very fair education all filial piety.

June 23 Jie

Baisha Town Yangshuo County folk festivals. After the June 23 Chinese lunar calendar every year, folk literature and art by the non-governmental organizations to carry out in the town of White Sands, sports and festival, also known as locals rush session.

Kamishin 坟节

Lunar New Year early February, where the family has in the first years of the death of relatives, so far day, all to marry a girl sisters are carrying leaves cake, candles, paper money, firecrackers, bacon and other gifts back home, and uncles, brothers together to Xinfen memorial to Sheri mourning. Particularly in rural Zhuang line.

Company Date

Yangshuo Sheri in spring and autumn club Club (beginning of spring the fifth day Haruyashiro amyl, amyl beginning of autumn the fifth day of autumn society), usually in the Lunar New Year and August. Yangshuo prevalent in rural areas are "not as good as playing an official three-year community day," the statement. Because in every village, regardless of rich and poor, ranging from ten to more than twenty or thirty households, in order for funeral each other, Sheri in the party should "eat Society" (one man per household), and for funeral covenant on year, the provisions of that year per household for the funeral mourner aid money, the amount of grain, mourners carry the coffin is responsible for obligatory. Rural commonly known as the "Ten Friends." Who do not participate in the "Eat Society", were expelled from the "Ten Friends" Rotarians no longer responsible for cooking the funeral of his home.

Cattle Kings Day

Lunar New Year early April 28, the birthday of the legendary cattle. Yangshuo countryside farmers on this day, every family eat black sticky rice, and use it to feed cows, as cattle worries and difficulties, but thanks to the hard work of the people's cattle.

Day fishing boat

Fishing boat fishing is a traditional folk Yangshuo night fishing. Bamboo leaf hung head vapor lamp, the habits of the fish during the night using a phototropic, stroke row in the river, the fish aggregation cited, and then down a screen surrounded it, turn down cormorant, fisherman shouting in rafts tread row, and splashing into a slurry, generally shuttle cormorant arrow water, gripping the fish out of the water to be swallowed eagerly (neck rope is caught, the fish swallow), then, the fisherman stretching Penny cormorants pick on the raft, squeeze the fish spit into the creel. This method is generally around fishing groups appeared, ranging eighty-nine raft, dozens of cormorants, as many as dozens of rafts, and hundreds of cormorants. Cruising raft in the river, river lit, shimmering of underwater formed Akira Long column sky shot echoed singing sound of water, and the surrounding rock Castle constituting an impressive picture perspective, do not have a poetic. I do not know how many poets painters charmed. Australian scholar Auger Tatum said: "Yangshuo Culture fishing boat from the river, sublimation on the river, the natural and cultural good 'marriage' which is a blend of green tourism activities, great aesthetic value and appreciation of the value.." From since 1999, Yangshuo county government began holding "Lijiang fishing boat Day" to Lijiang River "fishing boat" "fireworks," "bonfire" three fire main line, plus literary get-together, Square folk art performances, and art, calligraphy, photography exhibition , game, chess, cycling and other sports events activities, so that the whole town showed jubilant scene. "Lijiang fishing boat Festival" held in autumn each year, for a period of three days, every time, "Lijiang fishing boat" to "three fire" as the main line, with the river at the foot of Green Lotus Peak "four water dragon" "one thousand lotus lamp "together into one, constitute a" one river lights Azolla "wonderful Kai King.

Epistemic Festival

Early Lunar June 6, farm equipment are wine farms to corner ceremony to worship, barrels filled with money paper strips Valley Shintani inserted in the base field to show warehouse full of rice, or "lift Buddha" parade pray harvest.

Hungry Ghost Festival

Also known as Halloween, commonly known as half of July. Zhuang in the seventh lunar month to fourteen holidays, other ethnic eighth lunar month to fifteen holidays. Festival, every family sooner or later where the ancestral tablets of God, to send Japanese ancestors (14th, the 15th), with a packet (ie paper bag filled with paper money, gold and silver paper ingots strong offerings things, write ancestors' names burned into the wild, that night, the wild candles lit, during which the shadows shaking, commonly known as "send a ghost."

winter solstice

Lunar month "Winter Solstice" This day, in rural areas there are "winter solstice big New Year," said early every household to eat rice balls, dinner to eat fried tofu meatballs and chicken, duck, fish, meat, was celebrated.

In small

Also known as the Festival send foci. Lunar December 23 night, the legend of the Kitchen God to heaven, and then to rural candy, tofu enshrined in the stove, "Kitchen God heaven sent." Bi worship, the family banquet, saying too small years.

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