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Ono God throughout the eco-tourism scenic spot

OHTN2017-10-28Aix XinLe

Ono God throughout the scenic area 45 kilometers from Guilin, located in the hinterland territory Yao territory, marine mountain Li River water conservation forest protected areas Lingchuan County of Guilin. Located in scenic karst topography and landform combination of zone, the region has the original Grand Canyon, doline, caves, mountains, peaks, large waterfalls, rivers and other natural landscape, gathering the essence of Guilin. A scenic Jin Gang has developed into a gorge waterfalls upstream, river rafting Ono, Extension and leisure and some other tourism projects, set up Guilin big beautiful waterfalls, the original Jin Gang mysterious canyon, river rafting stimulus safe Ono, the original ecology of Yao style, happy and healthy outdoor sports such as the formation of a new tourist destination Guilin Dongjiang line.

Ono God throughout the eco-tourism scenic spot

Ohno Kamisakai drifting

Ye gods River area will be playing with ecological leisure as the theme, waterfall viewing and river rafting as the focus, set landscape sightseeing trips, athletic trips, environmental education tours, business meetings and trips, survival experience tour, religious tour, stimulating entertainment tour, national customs tours as an integrated eco-tourism area. Due to the wide mountainous Ono God throughout the tourist area, the green sea boundless, is that large; the original ecology, ancient trees, rare birds and monsters free running, is that the wild; rolling hills and varied, varied and superlative craftsmanship, superb, that is God.

Secluded canyon, rapids current is swift, high mountains Shi Qi, the two sides beautiful scenery, rich ethnic customs. Wild River God will take you into a Gu Pu, original pure state of nature, take you into the new world of drifting. 4.7 km rafting canyon drop of more than 11 meters, enough to beat each of wild nerves. People feel like being in the process of drifting drawing, the cross-strait mountains, lush flowers and trees, lush forests, such as infinite beauty in painting the middle.

Ono God throughout the eco-tourism scenic spot

Ono God throughout directional expand

Ono oriented development, sports orienteering to the main line, interspersed with a variety of games and series athletic events, such as God throughout swig of water, chasing Phoenix, Scarecrow by the arrows, water punch, Uncharted tracing enhance the participants' experience, so fully experience the fun activities at the event.

Scenic Area Address: Lingchuan County of Guilin Yao large territory territory

Car lines: Planted ride bound for the territory of Pakistan, by minibus to the scenic environment at large

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