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Guilin Reed Flute Cave

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Reed Flute Peach Blossom River scenic area is located in the northwest of Guilin, five kilometers from the city center, 240 m deep hole, nearly 500 meters run, is an important part of the whole Lijiang River scenic area, and in November 1982 became the first country the State Council promulgated key scenic spots. It has given the nature of Guilin Qing Qi handsome karst landscape. Reed Flute area by the highest mountain in Guilin - Hou mountain and the most beautiful cave - Reed Flute Cave and Taohuajiang, aromatic lotus and other water bodies composed of water features, mountains and rivers, make up a picture perfect landscape and pastoral scenery picture.

Guilin Reed Flute Cave

Since the Tang Dynasty, the ages, the tourist trail, now ancient cave murals memory 77. Since the 1959 discovery and development, now has a restaurant, tea room, waterside, lake pond, bridges, and set the boat, planting flowers and trees, becomes foreign tourists will visit Guilin to tourist spots, of which there are various countries in the world and more than 120 heads of state and foreign dignitaries area, therefore the Reed Flute Cave, also known as "Chinese Ambassador hole."

Guilin Reed Flute Cave

Semiotic, Reed Flute beauty worthy of the best. Guilin Reed Flute Cave is a shining pearl, which is located south of Bright Hill hillside views is a highly concentrated, the scene of his best good luck magical tour nirvana. In this magical Dong Fu, there is an array of stalagmites, Shiman, stalactites, stone flowers, Qin Shi, Shek Kwu, stone pillars, anthropomorphic bar, Wei Xiaowei wonderful. As if the whole cave with gems, coral, jade Diaoqi from the palace. The mix of ground water by the action of stalactites dissolved calcium carbonate rock, after precipitated crystals deposited by millions of years. Therefore, Reed Flute Cave known as the "Nature Art Palace."

Guilin is not no mountain rock, the most surprising were the only Reed Flute Cave. Reed Flute is at young, elegance greatness bearing thousands, shiny, artistically such as Sin, richly unique aesthetic features gorgeous. Reed Flute Cave Zhu Jing God intended and then, into the realm of self, although numerous and unity. Coupled with the King's first "Shiling Asaka", the end of the King "lion visitor" tail echo, coherent. Middle, "Crystal Palace" Zhu Jing atmosphere, wide lofty, Sui Wei focus, appears to prioritize, so as to achieve a rich and unified.

Guilin Reed Flute Cave

Shiling Asaka

Shiling Asaka was the first hole of a landscape, Reed Flute Cave this off its mysterious veil, on the mountains, many lion emerged that they are magnificent, wonderful stature. Large and small lion vividly presented in front of the audience: some swagger, some prone resting, some sang, some look back Nongzi; some clusters, some alone. Standing next to the attractions to visit as much as the feeling of living lions, and lions as if on the mountains, bathed in the glow. That spectacular sight, so that tourists marvel.

High gorge waterfalls

Then gorge waterfalls in the eyes of visitors: a smooth just like a waterfall-like stone stands high in the sky. Watching this scene, as if a waterfall flew down from the high cliffs, flying from countless pearls, my nose seemed to smell the fresh air, ear vaguely heard a thunderous sound.

Mushroom Hill

Mushroom Hill sizes and shapes of mushrooms gathered here, lifelike. Mushrooms on a mountain next to the group, an old man hugs a large mushroom, with the joy of harvest, wreathed in smiles place she keeps coming down the mountain. Then, sitting cross-legged snowman It also emerged that huge body, next to the snowman, a snow piled Tasson's afraid of cold, stands proudly in the snow, like a Christmas tree in general, brings an harmony of the gas.

Harvest vegetables

Vegetables harvest scene like a zoo, an elongated beans, cauliflower-like clouds, fat melon, lingering lotus, Vivid peanut, watermelon big, long cabbage, scoop-shaped pomelo, exposing the roots of long life, vivid Angelica, as Jusan-like fungus and other rare medicinal herbs. Nature's flash in the pan is really wonderful people to swim out of such a talent for drawing lifelike world scene.

Panlong pagoda

Panlong pagoda is strange, puff tightly coiled dragons in the tower. I can not help but think of those Diao painting phoenix artificial construction.


Flowers in this beautiful scenery: a Swallow facing the audience, exposing the white belly, artful; a string of cockscomb bloom is brilliant; the demon tender buds bathed in morning dew, the pending opening; an owl carefully stuck his head out from the cave, big round eyes wide open, it seems that looking for prey in the flowers, watch the posture, at any time swoop on its prey with lightning speed possible. This is a beautiful paradise, my ear came the faint sound of birds singing that sweet, floral scent from a trance waves blowing in the breeze.

Virgin forest

Flowers in green pine stand proudly; strange awe-inspiring group of stone Lin Li; a red stalactites stand out as general stands which seemed quiet deep.

Lianwai at Yunshan, stands a big window, the window hung a corn, two mosquito nets hanging over, one large and one small, looked out through the window, fluffy white clouds, endless. A grandfather was holding his baby grandson, stand at the window, leisurely enjoying the sea of ​​clouds thousands of miles outside the window yet.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace in a magnificent wide but flat in the middle of the hall, on the roof of the hall, a hanging circular headlights, middle hall, three stood substantially smooth stone table, two stools placed in a large lobby the right. The left side of the hall, is a beautiful scenery - snow-capped mountains reflection. Water, reflected clearly on top of the snow-capped mountains and a variety of other rocks reflection, mountains and rivers, lakes and mountains, side by side, the extreme beauty of this scene, dig with my bad words really can not express it. The right side of the hall, a Stand firmly stand water, several conch afloat, a red Yaotoubaiwei carp, out of the water, n proud Sun Wukong riding on a large conch, come in underwater walk through unhindered . Pagoda next to be knocked out one, needless to say, it must be that the monkey never made. All this is so marvelous, nature gifted writer, so give us paint a magical sight to. It is said that, much like the United Nations Conference on Crystal Palace hall, but more beautiful than the meeting hall.

Mountain afar

Yuan Wang Guilin City is the epitome of the mountain, the city beautiful mountains, the mountains by the water, water, mountains, a sacred Statue of Liberty stand which kind of Guanyin side stand the city, smiling, it seems to bless here common people of Li Min. Honeycomb gorge at the head of a big honeycomb hanging in the sky, with real honeycomb like most.

Quiet place to listen to flute

Quiet place to listen to flute attractions, among four bamboo flute stand a fairy hill, may be immortal too melodious flute, and a gecko rush to climb out, probably little more clearly, hear more of it; a elephant and listened, it seems that in addition to flute, all no longer exist; a monkey holding a banana peel well, journeying listen, even forgot to eat. A seasoned eyes closed quietly savor, seem to ignore everything around.

Stage curtain, the lights flicker. It is said that it is Immortal Liu Sanjie once out of place. Unfortunately, I saw the stage, but not locked inside. To add to the visitors guide Masaoki, bright open voice, she sang folk songs, giving visitors a real stage left an indelible impression.

Lions visitor

Lions visitor last spot was a mighty lion stood facing the exit, with a warm send-off to tourists who cramps.

In this strange, magnificent, spectacular, breathtaking caves, and some have ordered the attractions were not introduced to, for example: "dome pattern Account", "Hokyo according centipede", "carp leaping over" "Mountain and Flowing Water", "upside down goldfish" and so on, there are many bizarre array of stalagmites, stalactites, stone piano, Shek Kwu, stone pillars and so on, waiting for the smart visitors to find their trace it.

Reed Flute Cave formation

Want to know how to form the Reed Flute Cave, which we must first understand the Guilin Karst. English karst karst (karst) transliteration, it comes from the East Auxerre Republic of Slovenia (former Yugoslavia north-west) of the karst plateau, defined as the erosion of rocks and their products. Any surface water and groundwater destruction and transformation of the role of soluble rocks are called karst role. This effect of various forms produced and underground called karst.

Reed Flute Cave formation is after a long time, far in the 300 million years ago, Guilin was a vast expanse of ocean in the long history of the bottom sediment layer thick, pure carbonate, laid the Guilin Karst (Karst ) the material basis of the landscape. By the late Triassic, Guilin happened strong crustal movement, the Guilin above sea level, to become land. Reed Flute Cave 1 million years ago there was originally an ancient underground lake, due to crustal movement, mountain uplift, falling water tables underground lake into a cave, and later, along the mountain groundwater flow in the fracture zone many, dissolved calcium carbonate rock, calcium carbonate when dissolved groundwater flow from the rock hole slits, since the water environment (temperature, pressure, microorganisms and other conditions) change, causing CO2 to escape, then the aqueous solution to precipitate calcium carbonate crystals out, through the accumulation of hundreds of years, generating stalactites, flowstone, Dan Titian, etc., constitute the main part of the stalactite cave views.

Drops of water on the roof continues to fall, the whereabouts of the process, CO2 escaping further, it will continue to fall during the deposition cave. Such deposits and stalactite corresponding to a point, the upward growth cave called stalagmite (stalagmite). Form stalagmites by the chemical nature of water droplets, the amount of dissolved substances, a variety of factors dominant falling distance, drip frequency, air flow, etc., and therefore its shape is colorful. The internal structure of stalagmites and stalactites not the same, it has no center bore, a cap-like shape laminated layer by layer up long, a lower elderly, the young upper portion. Stalagmite top is rounded, when water drops fall from a high place, a flat shape is formed, continue to increase height, and finally into the top of the cup-shaped concave dropwise. Stalagmites and stalactites connect it to form pillars (column). If increased drip into a sheet flow of water, will form stone waterfall, Shiman, stone flags form a class.

Thus, since the dissolution of precipitation formation of natural water caves and natural water and ash-forming China graceful stalactites, mainly CO2 dissolved in water - Ping Heng effect release system results. Chinese idiom "Audio Bible", but Reed Flute Cave is a long stone drop, drip stop once, will stop the growth of stalactites. Due to the large and multi Reed Flute cracks, calcium rich karst groundwater containing less impurities, a crystalline precipitate was deposited stalactites quickly, and the narrow hole, ventilation weak, weathering slow, so huge scale deposits cavern stalactites , imposing, colorful. At the surface, air, the sun is very sensitive to the presence or absence of the lifting irradiation temperature. In the rock formations and mountains in thick, hot and cold transfer will change much more slowly; while in the depths of the mountain and rock body, is hardly affected by frequent changes in surface air temperature. Limestone mountain cave in vivo, a bit like a thermos, "temperature" stable, its temperature is generally equivalent to the local mean annual temperature. Guilin mean annual temperature of 19 degrees, therefore, in the caves will feel "cool."

Scenic Area Address: Guilin Reed Flute Cave Road, Xiufeng District No. 1

Traffic: about 5 km from the city center, take the 13 bus up.By 3 bus, the 58 free bus, 4A buses up.

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