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Guilin Longsheng gold pit terrace

2023-02-07Aix XinLe

Guilin Longsheng gold pit terrace known as the world tourism landscape is a must, grand and majestic momentum, mist-shrouded hill, yaozhai unique, colorful style, constitutes a magnificent picture. It is not only Chinese and foreign photographers aspire photography paradise, but also foreign tourists leisure wonders of the world. It stretches over 10 square kilometers of gold pit terrace and the Yuan Dynasty, after several hundred years of ups and downs, only in recent years for the world to understand, and gradually become a tourist hot spot.

Guilin Longsheng gold pit terrace

Hang location is situated in YUECHENGLING big mountains, surrounded by high mountains, has yet to pass the highway, the nature of the economy is still dominated production for self-sufficiency. Longsheng peak Fuping package (altitude 1916 m) is situated in the hamlet behind the house, remain dense forests in Fuping package an altitude of 1500 meters. Here numerous streams, plenty of water, mountains and evergreen vegetation. Cottage house entirely of Diaojiao Lou, scattered and orderly integration of the cottage and the mountains, the ancient Pu Qingya, full pictorial, came to pit gold great getting back to basics, back to nature feel.

Guilin Longsheng gold pit terrace

Gold pit terrace orderly, colorful lines, lines, shapes to curve-based, dynamic curve assigns people a beauty, especially those long curves and wavy lines, reminiscent of these terraces like the sky falling ribbons . US gold pit terrace as well as pictograms, Xiuman some hills along the shape of the mountain terraces of a circle, like a pagoda as to enhance the pastoral Zaoxing United States; some look like a terrace contiguous Eagle wings; and some, such as Seven Terraces the moon, and some terraces is a typical trapezoidal graphic, laces and other fields. Gold pit terrace compare layered, due to the gold pit steep terrain, terraced to the ribbon-shaped more, it has a higher level of level, distance level is also very rich. Then there are the gold pit terrace music like beauty, it is reflected in the rhythm of terraces and rhythm.

Guilin Longsheng gold pit terrace

Scenic Area Address: Guilin in Guangxi Province Dazhai Village, Heping Township Longsheng County

Car lines: take the bus to Guilin in Longsheng County, then take the minibus to the area

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