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Guilin Lipu traditional festivals and customs

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Lipu County, Guilin is a country with a long history of over two thousand years old county, through the evolution of the ages, Lipu folk festivals practices on the basis of inherited customs and traditions of the nation, but also show some local character

Lipu County, Guilin is a country with a long history of over two thousand years old county, through the evolution of the ages, Lipu folk festivals practices on the basis of inherited customs and traditions of the nation, but also show some local characteristics. Showing especially in terms of food, crafts and other local specialties enshrined, from a deeper level reflects the psychological characteristics of Lipu people.

Guilin Lipu traditional festivals and customs

Spring Festival is the Chinese nation's most solemn, the most popular traditional festival, Chinese New Year and customs have different characteristics in different regions. The purpose Lipu Spring Festival folk culture as an important part of Lipu folk culture, our investigative activities, is to understand the main characteristics of Lipu to Chinese New Year and New Year Lipu folk customs, inherit and carry forward the essence of cultural Lipu , get rid of feudal superstition.

Festivals and customs presentation

1, the winter solstice

Winter solstice, commonly known as "Asia-year-old," and so on, it is a traditional festival in China since the Jin Dynasty to the present. Lipu people of the winter solstice to the attitude is a little, Ma beggar man (ie, Hakka) the emphasis is on "winter solstice big New Year," so too rich to do more, despite Feng Jian with people, but are generally required to eat "reunion rice ", a symbol of family reunion, everything go successfully.

Lipu old people poorer, live to this day kill the old hen holidays, because people think that old hen Lipu is enrichment, that day to kill, there will be no stranger eat, wealth will not drain the water. Lipu holidays often because people are used to a married woman back to her parents before, but in a year there are three festivals can not return home before, this is the folk wisdom of "New Year poor, winter empty, July 14 dead husband. " That will eat the New Year back home empty home, the winter solstice will eat empty her parents, her husband would be back home on July 14 unfavorable.

3, reunion dinner

Festive dinner is a year in which people eat the most secure a meal. Lipu before there is a saying: beggars thirty late to have a meal. On this day, dun dun Cuizu temporarily go out, the people who come back to avoiding the debt reunion dinner. So this day to do a festive dinner is the busiest time. Lipu another sentence twisters call: thirty chopping block late night - did not have to empty.

Previous reunion dinner is relatively simple, that is, pork, tofu, a little better people there will be chicken, fish, fruit (flour fried steak wrapped in Lipu people commonly known as "fish bombs") access "annual superabundant, good luck "in Italy, as well as pig round hoof (hoof Lipu person) and Lipu pork. If the fish in general, hoof, pork will do the night before stood in a rule, starting from the bumper year later, when to eat or have guests, you can reheat over eat. With the improvement of people's living standards, people are usually very easy to eat these things, therefore, in addition to the large rural areas are still relatively fashionable a few years ago to do something to eat early, the county's generally not large do, or have done too is running out, and some young families will not do this, you can go to the street to buy time anyway, think, very convenient. Some people are more for convenience, the family restaurant to eat a meal, after all, hard year!

After dinner accustomed to playing before the Lunar New Year, or watch movies, TV and now after, the family often watch TV next Spring Festival Gala, outgoing person but relatively less.

4, worship

Sacrifice is the legacy of feudal social customs. This is under the feudal system, a method for people to self-comfort. This practice seems to have now become an indispensable program of the people's holidays. Lipu people are really, that is not willing to sacrifice some time to waste. Offerings generally used as a multi-cooked pork and a cooked chicken, fresh fruit and some of the time, there are three small glasses of wine, three bowls of rice and a scoop of sub-Sheng three pairs of chopsticks. After the ritual is finished meat is used to make dinner dishes after dinner would go eaten fruit, rice is also used to feed livestock poultry, only that a total of two and a half cups of watery liquor is to be poured into the ground, but also So worship are carried out before dinner. Sacrifice is nothing more than a point or small red candles couple, a few stick of incense burning, a young and old, but some elderly and children at home, while incense, while murmuring: on the one hand ask the ancestors to come to a delicious meal, and the other On the one hand after eating to please the ancestors of due diligence, bless their own peace, and good luck.

5, couplets

Lipu people have the habit of unsolicited couplets, couplets, or even buy less people please write the scrolls of the people, will affix nearly three feet long palm in front of red paper to Figure auspicious. Couplets are generally eaten in Reunion dinner posted on the door and when the door of the back door, couplet of content for the New Year happy, Four Seasons peace like pray for financial security and peace and the like. Couplet door frame according to the size ratio may be, old tile mud door, both sides of the couplet to a plurality of sheets of red paper half-length, a width of one quarter to one third sheet of red paper; new masonry structure room doors, on both sides of the couplet mostly for two and a half to three long red paper, a third of red paper width. Couplets from start to sell a rule, has been sold for thirty at night, a few days, put up on both sides of the main street facade of red couplets, red streets may reflect, as the Spring Festival added a lot of celebration. Price according to the paper size of the length, height and level of writing by one yuan twenty-one to ten yuan range. The more popular folk calligrapher, you can sell couplet at the end of a few thousand dollars profit. Of course, there are nearly one-third from selling the shop to buy some scrolls goalkeeper, the God of Wealth New Year traders and other small print. Door God, the God of Wealth to buy the majority of rural, small knot Chinese people like to buy.

New Year's Eve stay up there in our country folk habit. Lipu also stay up old habits, but only individual, when people talk about staying-old habit of always identified by name, said such and such is the case before, visible, stay up the habit before liberation only individual in Lipu, now basically no staying-up of the. If there is, that is, guarding the TV and watch the Spring Festival Gala, keep to put a zero on firecrackers, and then went to sleep a long sleep.

6, New Year's Day

Lipu New Year's Day seem dull, and usually a wash finished young people early in the morning, set off firecrackers, and then prepare breakfast, which is basically a rule, heat up leftover meat (this is the rule, must certainly left to the left, the other is on every year more than one sense), cook some vegetables on it. Elders after just up sitting at home and so on at home, in the family, the village children come New Year, as long as the child is deemed to have New Year, whether open or not, must give red envelopes (Lipu people commonly known as packets) of course, vary the size of a red envelope, the pro will be a little more, a little less is sparse. Small pieces of a few cents, many tens of hundreds of dollars. For those without economic income of the elderly will not be money to send New Year's Day, they have income children often in a rule to give the elderly some small notes, so the old New Year's awkward, sad child. Just a little children ran up and over the village, renowned for adults on a "Happy New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choy", the packet will have to be hand pocket. Therefore, from the babbling child to elementary school junior high school boy, the first night, the family should give them added something lessons, church or New Year's review how to be an adult packet of homework. Therefore, the previous sentence is often spread this way: adults afraid of the Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year kids hope. Red envelopes is one of the reasons adults afraid of the Chinese New Year.

After breakfast, we went to the street to see the dragon and lion dance or opera, or play, or hang out with the child New Year packets come to buy some toys or playing with firecrackers. On the street to be good friends meet, and still give each other a child packets, this approach has to be extended to the fifteenth day after, it is after the New Year, and we can not give. New Year's Day this day, is generally not in favor of others to play at home, people do not Lipu Hing gifts to this day, we are in a public place to meet, play, and therefore on the street, in the village of Otani floor full of people.

7, relatives

From the early beginning, Zhou Ranbian will be less on the street, people visiting friends and relatives to perform the annual communicate the feelings of relatives and friends. On this day, the newly married bride back home with Uncle must send copies mouth, Qin who sent the money to the marriage ceremony of the woman's tribe are generally required to send a gift, Lipu people commonly known as "copies mouth." Send a gift while stocks when the mother, sending men to marry Fang Sangu six uncle. These parts are generally bacon a mouth, gut hung wind, a plurality of white cake, Sugar Cookie a package, as well as chickens. Previously a rather difficult life, after a boil and cooked chicken into five parts: a spine, a chest, two ribs each, Pteris (chicken butt) a. Most elders are breast, the biological mother is certainly Pteris, so folk who takes care of his daughter, people will say that she is eating Pteris life. Now the good life, often is an a live chicken, it is difficult to see the phenomenon of five pro division of the chicken. New Uncle parts of mouth is usually the first year of the twelfth lunar month Ershiqiba back to the ceremony, the first month of the second year of the two days of both husband and wife back to her parents, or the fourth day of the sixth day her parents to send another twelve tables of people to send the couple home. During this period, people who had mouth parts, have to hire a new meal, which is a festive dinner, the meal, the owner will send home where people from all parts of the mouth and have not invited over rice were invited guests for a long time, often they have to put a few tables. If it had presented twenty, then the groom meal is likely to be different people eat, drink if they would love to drink, then it is certainly red-faced Guan Gong every day to do. Away from the woman's family, as well as a sense of the man's next of kin waiting for one pair of loved ones to go, it can be really a bit "road is long" in the.

There are other hoof, fish, fruit, stuffed tofu, fried tofu stuffed Chinese New Year is the most common foods. Before the standard of living is not high, there is good food to eat when it comes to the New Year, he said: are not over the New Year, every day to eat pork stuffed tofu. We can say that people's New Year Lipu, hooves do less, but pork or tofu stuffed every hospitality are essential.

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