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Guilin Yangshuo charming cultural phenomenon

OHTN2017-11-05Aix XinLe
Yangshuo County, Guangxi has built history in 1410, where less affected by war damage, it has preserved many minority rich culture and foreign immigrants, the formation of various home staging folk culture. Now the development of local tourism, this cultu

Yangshuo County, Guangxi has built history in 1410, where less affected by war damage, it has preserved many minority rich culture and foreign immigrants, the formation of various home staging folk culture. Now the development of local tourism, this culture put up their own "table", sing the national customs play a rich local characteristics of tourism economy, forming a "Yangshuo culture" phenomenon famed at home and abroad.

Guilin Yangshuo charming cultural phenomenon

It is understood that, and now less than 30,000 population town of Yangshuo year foreign tourists reached 1.8 million, a small West to become China's most popular foreigner street, many visitors to Yangshuo on a mesmerized, could not bear to stay go. Some come several times a year, some simply married here, where there are currently hundreds of foreign marriage, the Japanese wife of Lang married a sister of Yangshuo, Yangshuo another baby Tsai discuss Swedish Babes wife, but also the French lad when the door-law to Yangshuo, there are two girls fighting British and American farmers do Yangshuo husband's ...... German traveler Karl said, ten million visitors have ten million Yangshuo story. This regard to explore and research experts at home and abroad as a cultural phenomenon Yangshuo issue of Chinese culture.

Haas root and Dennis are two university teachers from Sweden, who has been to China 18 times, traveled to southern China's northern frontier, to go from west to east along the Great Wall, the Silk Road trail walking marching, but also to Shandong Qufu Confucius cultural visits, and asked to trace Miluo Qu Yuan poetry, went to look for Shaoxing Lu Xun "Ah Q" left-American, to look for Sichuan Guo "goddess" Nirvana . But they feel the freshest richest mystery is found oriental ancient Nuo culture in Yangshuo, Wa tribal culture at home, this is a new discovery in China and the world, Yangshuo Nuo culture is ancient Chinese save today's most complete ancient culture. Professor Haas Root said: Although Yangshuo ancient Nuo culture and China's northern ancient Nuo culture come from Taoism during the spring and autumn, but the long-term northern China is China Central Plains culture gathering place, a great political change frequently, war damage, since the Qin especially since the Song Dynasty, Taoism are repelled or killed, almost annihilation in ancient Nuo attached Dao northern China, the preservation of cultural far from complete, but because Yangshuo is located in the south, the ancient southern land known as Shina I do not know to bring war, south or north people carry, where the ancient Nuo culture, not only to save the doctrine of the north, and also dance here, drugs, vulgar combine to form a set of teaching, military, dance, music, medicine , vulgar six in one of the cultural system. They have Nuo ancient custom section called "October incense" lit Chinese incense, dance-filled cigarettes, weapons row. Armor for the costume, wearing a mask, but not in their face masks, but worn on the forehead. This is unique in the world of ancient Nuo attire. They head the saint's "face" eye for an eye line first, they said it was on behalf of St. sidewalk, not doing sage.

West has always been a typical oriental streets, plus Fu Li Nuo culture, adds a mystery, no wonder so many foreigners, they linger. French people do not go here, married to a local girl wife, son Christopher is a door, he fell in love with antiquity here, where rent a temple (Hall) for the restaurant, but also the use of local ancient architecture ancient culture of doing business, Chinese business practices; no, the world is doing business visitors, which he spotted. Of course, not just him, as well as British, Malaysian, Australian, Singaporean, New Zealanders and people from Hong Kong and Taiwan are all here to do business. Here are the most original, the most pure oriental culture, there are many foreign cultures --- locals called foreign culture, foreign language signs, advertising street, different skin, different nationalities, different religion, different language people can here an opportunity to find convergence, because we not only towards this modification, purely natural beauty to the landscape, but also very thick towards its ancient and pure culture and customs come. This ancient culture is very seductive, but also great potential for tourism, to the east of most of the visitors come to the ancient culture, at this point, China Yangshuo full advantage.

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