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Guilin Yangshuo Buddha water-rock Mud baths

OHTN2017-10-27Aix XinLe

Mud baths located in the southern village of Yangshuo moon rock Buddha, Buddha caves Yangshuo is the largest and most famous underground river cave, the hole is about six kilometers across eight mountain, milk stone Guaizhuang Lin Li, all over the pool crystal basin, the hole about boating 300 meters, also wade, swim, dive, catch fish, but also to play Pakistan wash mud bath, a large mud baths, mud can enjoy it when a child playing back and find innocence does not obliterate.

Guilin Yangshuo Buddha water-rock Mud baths

Thin and slippery mud, without any impurities, smooth and uniform, thickly covered the entire pond, fine hand kept rubbing twist slowly, and gently rub in the face, and what kind of skin care products can do this? Gentle, beautiful? All hell! Happily playing back, while the other is not prepared to hand over the last stretch of mud, mischievous unbridled laughter in a fit of screams, looking to steal each other, all of them beyond recognition, people do not ghosts not ghosts. I had enough, and went to the hole waterfall shower natural 15-meter-high, very much love to wash your fill!

Guilin Yangshuo Buddha water-rock Mud baths

Scenic Address: Guilin, Yangshuo County Moon Village

Car lines: Guilin to Yangshuo directly to the car, take the fast class then chartered to

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