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Guilin local specialty Longsheng Longji tea

OHTN2017-11-05Aix XinLe

Longsheng Longji tea is abundant in its name, its flavor is mellow, sweet and refreshing. Dragon Tea formerly wild, Zhuang ancestors carefully transplanted in their own garden. Qing Dynasty, once as a tribute to the imperial court into one, when there is "Dragon tribute tea" theory. It is contained in the "Longsheng hall Chi": "There are eighty East Dragon tea tribute to the soil ...... do."

Guilin local specialty Longsheng Longji tea

Longsheng Longji tea most productive period is the time in a hundred years before the Qing Dynasty. Then, over the ridge are all over the mountain tea, every household will be kind. "Buxus Long ear can boast the most, Mulberry River Dragon is also worthy of Kerry, after every Guyu Fang Chen, men and women sing simultaneous tea." From this we can see in the first picking songs Longji Zhuang people at the time of picking the warm atmosphere.

Zhuang people live here, there has always been the habit of drinking tea. They believe that tea has a refreshing, ventilation, consumer product food, build strong spleen and stomach action. Every family has several bamboo strips are labeled with the tea leaves hanging baskets loaded with a kang. Farmers have in the day-to-night tea, whether it is a village or township string family, the first thing is the owner of the house is offering a bowl of tea scent and glycol, welcomed the guests. Whether old or young man, around the fireplace talking about ancient talk white, placed in front of each person must have a bowl of tea. Dragon Tea odd Township tasty, well-deserved reputation, not drunk friends, ask you to drink a bowl of it Longji, including your praise.

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