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Guilin local specialty Oiled paper umbrella

OHTN2017-11-06Aix XinLe
Paper umbrella, has a long history in the account of the traditional culture. According to related statistics, originally made by the umbrella Luban's wife or sister inspired by the lotus leaf. In the Song Dynasty, with the use of natural waterproofing t

Paper umbrella, has a long history in the account of the traditional culture. According to related statistics, originally made by the umbrella Luban's wife or sister inspired by the lotus leaf. In the Song Dynasty, with the use of natural waterproofing tung oil, made with bamboo umbrella stand made of hand-cut, skin tissue paper to make brushing tung oil paper umbrella umbrella made quietly through 1,000 years of history, and in the domestic and many countries in Asia continue to preserve it.

Guilin local specialty Oiled paper umbrella

In Guilin, paper umbrella craft once widespread. Among these are the Luo Jin Yongfu County town of the most famous paper umbrella. October 10, the reporter walked into the town of Guilin Luo Luo Jin Jin umbrella non-genetic order of people in Lee sixty-seven, to visit the traditional process where brilliant hundred years.

Once flourishing Luo Jin Umbrella

Through the busy streets of the town Luo Jin, at 15:00 on the 10th, the reporter went to Li Wei sixty-seven old man in a grocery store on the town house. This year has been 77-year-old, that time just take a nap woke up, lying on a bamboo chair in the doorway, looking at the front of people to drive to, and occasionally play a few deep yawn; his wife was sitting next to him from time to time sweep two, two old air of serenity.

"My father Li Guangming was in town to do the best quality umbrellas, here is the loudest signs." Speaking of paper umbrella, the old man straightened up quickly from inside a bamboo chair, she said proudly. The old man's wife excitedly ran into the room, he is offering eighty-nine paper umbrella out to reporters.

"It got left a few, it's all done ten years ago, or grandchildren has been said to give them each a souvenir before leaving it." Old man's wife told reporters. Surface Dai-sized green paper umbrella, glance does not seem very much like bamboo. Gently open the umbrella, brown-red umbrella, umbrella exquisite floral design, matched with new bamboo umbrella stand still, under the umbrella of the moment they become brightly lit up. Exquisite handmade paper umbrella quaint charm, it is so vividly revealed.

Paper umbrella is not only exquisite beauty, but also rain but also sun, has been widely used in people's daily lives. According to relevant historical records, paper umbrella has been used for 1,000 years, but also in the country and many countries in Asia have been and continue to carry forward the tradition.

Luo Jin in the town, according to relevant historical records, from the very beginning between the late Ming Chongzhen umbrella workshop, dating back 300 years of history, the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China continues to develop. To ten years (1911), to develop an umbrella industry Luo Jin Wei, it was already the size of more than 40 workshops. Between 1946 and 1948, Luo Jin town has 70-80 people to do umbrella. According to records, "the Guangxi native products sales conditions," Liu Liqing write a book published in 1952:. "Luo Jin Jin Luo town produced umbrellas, quality and quality can be represented by the province's industry umbrella Luojin before liberation umbrella workshop 80 number, more than 500 workers participated, with an annual output of more than 200,000 ...... umbrella features Luo Jin umbrella are: First, solid and durable, and second, exquisite beauty, the third is the price fair they are able to sell the province, Testimonials, It became one of Northern specialties ...... "

In memory of Lee sixty-seven old teenage years, he still remember that almost everyone in town will make prosperity umbrella. His father made umbrella, has also been exported to southeast Asia. Those childhood memories about the umbrella, has let his deep nostalgia, can not forget.

72 process, so meticulous and strict

Guilin tourism people often see, or scenic Lijiang River in Guilin bow, many lithe young woman always marked with a fine paper umbrella, taking pictures in front of the camera, as a souvenir tourism and youth. Armed with a beautifully quaint paper umbrella, in between the gorgeous landscape of Guilin stroll, more passionate charming woman.

A seemingly simple paper umbrella, umbrella artisans actually full of countless hard work. Lee sixty-seven and his wife told reporters, before and after making good on a paper umbrella to go through 72 steps, each procedure requires meticulous and rigorous. Raw materials including bamboo, bamboo, cotton paper, silk and the like tung oil, divided umbrella, the umbrella, the umbrella bucket, umbrellas like member.

The mountains more than 3 years and sunny bamboo paper umbrella is made of good material. The bamboo artisans cut back from the mountain, in accordance with the specifications 33,45,50 cm umbrella like sawing, scraping off the surface layer after breaking bamboo mingled into an elongate strip of curved ribs and the intermediate rib knife carved out of a small hole on both sides of the slot. After the bevel groove carved individually good use is made of strung umbrella frame umbrella umbrella surface. Thereafter, the two elongated and then put through an aperture in the umbrella bamboo bucket, a first time slot umbrella into the umbrella, the umbrella and then thread rib, and ribs bamboo, bamboo skein with the junction between the other side umbrella series, taut, with a bamboo umbrella frame will be made of the basic shape. Experienced builders also typically will advance with alum boiled bamboo, bamboo in a long time in order to prevent insect borers have.

After forming umbrella frame umbrella stick paper. Since the tissue paper has good toughness will usually be chosen. Folded into a double layer tissue paper in accordance with lattice ribs 3 distributed in size cut them, flat on the board, with a brush after a water immersion, each piece of tissue paper edge is not the least bit difference ribs affixed to the top, so posted canopy smooth and bright, I do not see any paper grain. To prevent the umbrella easily damaged and umbrella near the edge, but also artisans paste a layer of paper on top. In particular umbrella side, but also on the rib in advance about thirty-four wires, thus produced bevel edge both beautiful and strong.

After umbrella good paper paste, to put outside to dry, and then brush on a layer uniformly tung oil. Considered the best when brewed very particular tung oil, boiled oil person to always keep the side, tung oil can be gently viscosity hoist wires. After wiping the oil well, the umbrella placed outside the sun dried, the ingenuity of the builders in a variety of birds painted above, artifacts and other fine patterns; then, cut to give a smooth, wear as a thumb-sized bamboo umbrellas . Finally, as the umbrella side, turn umbrella Pleated, a good on paper umbrella is ready for use.

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