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Camellia Gongcheng, Guangxi Guilin Gongcheng of fish is a specialty. Camellia can choose fish fish c

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Camellia Gongcheng, Guangxi Guilin Gongcheng of fish is a specialty. Camellia can choose fish fish carp, carp, grouper, preferably at grouper.

Guilin cuisine Gongcheng Camellia fish

After the cleaned fresh grouper, cut into thin big fish, fish bone can be released from the tea into the pot when the bottom can be eaten fried, but can be accompanied by the head Guilin local soil pepper Braised tomatoes, can be described as a fish to eat. Fish into the tea, rinse and cook, taste fresh, Aohao tea soup is delicious, both tea flavor, but also sweet soup, two combined, the world is really the best.

CateGuilin cuisine Lingchuan Dog meat

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Guilin cuisine Lingchuan Dog meatLingchuan dog meat has a long history, rich culture. According to the test, which began during the Han Jing, has been more than two thousand years of history. Dog meat is delicious, nutritious, nourishing yin, kidney, relieving, nourishing the stomach and…

CateGuangzhou cuisine Quanzhou Vinegar blood duck

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Guangzhou cuisine Quanzhou Vinegar blood duckStatewide duck blood vinegar Quanzhou County, Guilin is a famous dish. After the beginning of every lunar month, ducklings on the market, the state's people like duckling cooking early adopters. Statewide duck blood vinegar is vinegar evolved according t…

CateGuangzhou features snack taro pork

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Guangzhou features snack taro porkTaro pork is a Guilin local cuisines to Lijiang River in Guilin tourism can not swim, can not taste taro on eating pork. Taro pork won the "national dish" he said. A few years ago, as the "Prime Minister Humpbacked Liu," the hit, taro head also will b…

CateGuangzhou cuisine Yangshuo Beer Fish Food

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Guangzhou cuisine Yangshuo Beer Fish FoodYangshuo, Guilin, Yangshuo Beer Fish is a famous local dishes, spicy and delicious fish, the fish itself without a trace of smell, the smell of beer and fish guaranteed to make you a good appetite. As I said "do not eat do not know, forget to eat," Beer…

CateGuangzhou features snack Quanzhou red oil rice noodles

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Guangzhou features snack Quanzhou red oil rice noodlesQuanzhou County in Guilin rice noodles are marked unique flavor snacks, the emphasis is on soup and marked. They are marked rice soup, no dry food. That soup, a little more authentic, pig bone soup, but also the capital of the willing, with the pig soup i…