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Guilin rice noodles retrospective history and culture

OHTN2017-11-05Aix XinLe

Qin Shi Huang after, and then launched a unified South China (Baiyue) war. In the mountainous south, and transportation difficulties, the rear of the forage, not the normal supply to the front, Qin Jun had to place requisitions. But Qin Jun mostly northerners, usually with wheat flour-based food, they fought to the south, because not used to rice, causing many soldiers agitated, vomiting and diarrhea, the Qin was fighting a serious decline, a direct impact on the unified the success or failure of the war. So to solve the food problem has become a top priority for the moment.

Guilin rice noodles retrospective history and culture

How to evolve imaging wheat flour as rice let Qin Jun soldiers accepted the task to Lu Qin history of cooks have to complete. The production principle cooks noodles Hele Northwest, the first swollen rice, ground rice milk, the water drained, knead dough. Then the steamed dough, and finally drawn to noodles, cooked pot straight into water. When the soldiers ate the reply, the battle surge, the eventual reunification of the south. Han Yuan Ding six years Jianshi County (formerly the city of Guilin), a large number of immigrants steep north moved Guilin, including as descendants of Zhuge Liang, Han Xin, Tao Yuanming, Zhou Dunyi, Li Shimin, Zhao Kuangyin, Zhu Yuanzhang and so many historical figures, these northern immigrants came to Guilin , rice flour called as "rice", this title, has continued to the present.

Therefore, Guilin rice comes in from the Qin Dynasty. In other words, people eat rice Guilin, have to eat two thousand two hundred years.

Ancient Guilin rice noodle production process

Rice flour, rice flower and other food production process, is derived from the Qin Dynasty in winemaking out.

Rice appeared in Xing'an earliest dating back 6,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age. Rice flour and rice invention brewing technology inseparable. Heap Huajiu (Jiang Rong three Huajiu), is the repair chisel ling qu craftsmen, "brewed liquor benzene song Law" with the technology of the Qin Dynasty, brewed in Lingqu edge ditty flavor wine.

The prevalence of the Qin Dynasty wine culture, led to the development of food processing industry, many craftsmen as Qin Junnan wine down to the southern. The advanced brewing technology to be Lingqu. When brewed with a heap Huajiu Qin every time it leaves a lot of raw materials, process these materials were treated in the process became gradually evolved to do rice. After each brewing drink, have the rest of the craftsmen of these remaining raw material (called a "feed") directly after the heat and cook with seasonings soft eating delicious than eating pure rice, the use of feed becomes large up. Arts for the People "supper meal" chapter, the "pulp with a fragrant and warm water, dip feed is low, so there is no move to hand pieces, small complex stop, then strong," that is to say in a sauce called incense pulp after heating the water to soak for a period of time after the feed, rice knead by hand, do not let it have lumps, stay a little while, will feed into the inside of the altar has become a rice milk, rice milk rice has become to do.

So, how to deal with rice milk into flour it? Initially using a tool Qin horns. Cutting a horn, such as the size of a spoon, opening just big enough for four or five through holes leek leaf, then take two new white silk woven, sheet size openings by horn, the horn made of round funnel piece sewn, the good tune rice syrup packed in silk bags, holds the bag in boiling water pot on top of the pulp and let slip into a powder horn strips from the hole in the sheet leak into the boiling water, cooked fish to become set into the rice cake. If you do cut powder, the copper basin with a water pot on the rice milk ladle into Tongpen tuned after boiling water poured into blocks cooked fish to cut it into a powder. Horns first sheet is the main tool used to make rice flour.

After the rice wine by the artisans invention, causing the repair chisel Lingqu Qinjun Min-workers in a concern, migrant workers are already not used to the rough red rice, rice flour now have to give them a very monotonous diet new a tempting variety. Further, for easy to carry out, but also the invention is a method of dry rice noodles made of: re-evaporated and dried rice, mashed fine screen, with the other steamed Daozhi dates, cooked rice gruel powder to prepare dry rice jujube rice, using the same processing technology, they will be processed into glutinous rice flour, fried "orange chaos" "Ju makeup" and other food. Methods folk processed rice flower of Hung Yen, still followed the method of the Qin Dynasty with manual processing, as rice flowers are not widely used, where they are processed by the method did not take it seriously, so the popcorn processing methods millennium change, since ancient times has been followed . The rice is different, with the increasing demand of its people, some people have continued to make an issue of how batch processing rice technology, such as Ming and Qing Dynasties, rice processing and processing by hand to make a simple wooden tools, and then developed into a modern semi-mechanized and mechanized mass production, basically to meet the needs of different groups at different times.

The most representative Guilin rice noodles braised pork

Guilin rice noodles brine invention: an important part of Guilin rice brine, is in the Qin Ling Qu drainage pipes was first discovered, it can be said to be first of its kind in the world. Eat rice flour brine is Qin soldiers migrant workers to start digging in for the purpose of medical treatment for first appears.

Chimi Fen brine is used by more than twenty kinds of Chinese herbal medicine plus a variety of spices, ingredients deployment, which cinnamon, angelica, ginger, tempeh is relieving medicine expelling wind, grass and fruit is aromatic dampness of traditional Chinese medicine, peel, wood Hong, hawthorn qi consumer product, and cloves, fennel size, the temperature pepper, licorice Codonopsis can benefit. These herbs should be two thousand years ago, migrant workers often need them to start digging herbs, because migrant workers come to start digging his soldiers, in high-intensity physical labor, inevitably a lot of people will be acclimatized ill. Great demand for Chinese herbal medicine. Choose from a number of herbs and spices herbs brewed into a part of "soup" to join the rice with the food, we can say this is the origin of ancient herbs.

Chimi Fen plus brine is an important feature of Guilin rice noodle, Guilin rice noodles brine is unique, no brine rice can not be called "Guilin rice noodle."

Guilin rice noodle There are many varieties, but the most representative, Lu Cai powder is, by definition, Lu Cai powder is accompanied by a bowl of rice flour refined Lucai, usually stewed beef or pork brine, these are stewed beef or pork with that the most mysterious Guilin brine Stewed out. When using the Lucai fastidiously neat cut into thin slices, then cover the bowl rinse rice good, so, braised pork with white rice, sprinkle with diced green onion, chili, really fragrant and good-looking, Lu Cai powder should be eating fishing pinned to eat, without the soup, so as to obtain Guilin rice noodles to eat the kind of pure delicious Jervis. After eating, you can hold the bone soup bowl free shops for guests to prepare, drink it slowly, suddenly, they will feel God clear air along. Now, some shopkeepers also complimentary milk, drinking after eating rice, fragrant pink Lucai accompanied by the fragrance of light soy milk, will produce a wonderful taste.

Rice production of stress: the milling process, Guilin water quality plays a big role, proved only the Guilin area of ​​this water, in order to make long and continuous, the good rice gluten, if the same production process to other places, it is difficult to work.

Rice on the process: fresh cooked rice have been made, mostly in five or six o'clock in the morning on to the large and small noodle shop in the city, to the temporary guests were eating, the lumps of rice in a pot of boiling the hot water rinse to take the bulk, then drained into a bowl, then add carefully modulated brine and side dishes, then served with onion and garlic pepper and so on, so a bowl of delicious, piping hot rice you can eat.

Modern Guilin rice noodle production process

Guilin rice noodle After continuous improvement perfect, unique flavor of food swept the world

Modern Guilin rice noodles, inexpensive characterized. Eat a bowl of rice noodles, both to fill the stomach, but also to enjoy the delicious food, eat Guilin rice noodles known as the "gastronomy", not a bad idea to Guilin rice noodles become regretful. Guilin rice noodles modern system of law, than the Qin Dynasty was founded, has been considerable progress. A first step with the meter, the second quarter is generally used in rice, rice ADS first washed with water several days immersion, and then refining the soaked rice, dried knead dough in turn group, then cooked dough sticky tamper , you can start pressing. Rice system is hanging a big pile in the 1960's before in a big pot, was hung on a long wooden piles, burning pot boiling water, the dough on the wooden sill, the crossbar at one end hanging on the stone, the use of stones of gravity powder rolled into a section of the press in boiling water, in order to increase the pressure, sometimes people are sitting on the rail after the rice cooked in boiling water, then remove and rinse in cold water, then soft and pliable the sale of rice and curled a group. When rice group to group borne only dry gas. Usually with bamboo baskets loaded, underlay Mama, ten regiment small basket, big basket twenty groups.

Modern brine in the production must take the good with the lobster pot, traditional Chinese medicine and spices (plus Mangosteen) wrapped with gauze into the pot, then add the pork and beef, pork bellies equivalent halogen, halogen pot constantly adding fresh pork and beef, such as water, boil the brine more fragrant, sweet. This juice brine is the key reason why Guilin rice noodle delicious. Pour the brine at the next rice component is an important part, must be appropriate to the degree just to mix rice flour, rice flour eating, the bowl is not left dripping, people feel after eating sweet brine, leave aftertaste, It is the top grade.

Eat halogen powder Lu Cai, more and more attention in modern: First, boil (pork) even field, beef, beef-based bar, and a small number of cattle into the water, such as the bullwhip, tripe, supplemented, Lucai be sure to use with the cut, get rid of it from the water and lose flavor. The second is to breed more than twelve per sample, spread on rice, nice and delicious. Third Lucai to cut thin, because eat rice is eaten together after stir until rice and vegetables, vegetables thin, it is easy to chew swallow. Fourth mature oil also put too appropriate, from rice flour mix to the wet and not dry it seems. In addition, garlic, parsley, fried peanuts, chili oil, rice flour Guilin is also indispensable raw materials.

Now almost every street Rice Noodles. Than the ancient rice has been greatly improved both in production and eat, Guilin has become essential cuisines.

Modern types of Guilin rice noodles

Guilin rice into powder and cook lettuce, lo rice flour, rice soup, rice horse and other varieties. The variety in the way of eating, varied. The traditional "powder, a three tastes" and the like. To the Qing Dynasty, after Hin Rong Zhai, Zhai Yi Rong, will fast for three cents Da Lei Zhai, the delicious Guilin rice noodle pushed to an extreme degree, for the older generation of gourmets relish.

Further when eat rice soup can be divided according to their manufacturing method, and halogen powder fried three categories, there are ten fishing (e.g. lo powder), soup bar (such as cattle food powder), fried braised (e.g., fried), etc. three eat.

Rice hot pot: eat hot pot in Guilin, there is an unwritten rule, that is to use rice flour to hot pot. In other words, when people eat hot pot dish instead of rice noodles and the like, but to several rice with soup pot of hot food. Hot pot of soup finished, because the integration of a variety of dishes taste, it is naturally a wonderful. If the hot dog soup with hot rice, stewed ginkgo Laoya hot rice, it is delicious infinite.

Guilin rice noodle soup mix flour cattle eat vegetables powder, meat powder, Sam Sun powder and cook, boil hot and sour powder and rice horse. Guilin cattle and vegetable powder Yulin noodles corporations are the same type, but the former is Fen, Luzhou-the latter, have their own characteristics. But some people like cattle food pigwash sub-net meat, it was like with radish and cabbage, tofu, everyone loved nothing more.

Before the war, Guilin rice noodles Sam Sun has not boiled flour and sour powder this way of eating. Guangdong Wang Shuming refugees came to Guilin, the Cantonese cuisine features fresh, the introduction of rice flour, Sam Sun founded the Anti-Japanese War cooked meal. Authentic Sam Sun powder is added with porcine lettuce, fen, meat pieces, pure of bone soup out small pot. Later, Hunan refugees Lo Chi-chang Wang Shuming see Sam Sun powder Jiangsu and Zhejiang welcomed the refugees, be inspired, but also the introduction of the characteristics of hot and sour Hunan Guilin rice noodles, so he invented the hot and sour powder and cook, by the lakes of refugees alike.

Sanwei a modern powder: 50 g powder halo (rice, free cut powder), 50 g soup (meat, beef free), 50 grams of fried (fried pork, beef, fry, fried Sam Sun demand). Also comes with three Huajiu, sweet-scented osmanthus tea, comes with two small dishes pepper sauce and fermented bean curd, the "Guilin Sambo" (that is, three Huajiu, fermented bean curd and chili sauce) came in handy.

Eight treasures rice: "Eight", "eight treasures" is often used to give dishes a name, usually "Eight" used for snacks, "eight treasures" are used for dishes. Guilin rice noodle snacks could have been, and Guilin will do the opposite, the "eight treasures" for rice.

Now the popular squeezed powder: Modern rice noodles are generally good circulation to the virgin Noodles in the plant, along with the growing demand for rice culture of fine, the store will have a variety of tools to make the move to store rice, let customers who witnessed the production of rice flour and cut process, and then from the scene with a variety of brine ingredients, eat new environmental protection, more and more customers welcome.

Guilin rice noodles do "rice feast": Guilin rice noodles starting from Qin Shi Huang unified the South, through the various dynasties, he said the story of the legendary endless, endless talk rank smell interesting. Profound cultural deposits, became a major feature of Guilin rice noodles. Guilin rice noodles is the highest specifications feast. Rice feast three sub program. First gossip utensils, after Ding food (hot pot instead of after use). Gossip intraday, are developing in a saucepan, pork, roast intestines, liver halogen, cattle Pakistan, tongue, yellow throat, tripe eight kinds of burning halogen to drinks. Yin yang fish are intermediate disc shall fish, maw (which is feast days, the feast is rice, instead of cut powder), food for the self-burning powder soup, in three specifications. Heaven grid of the bridge rice noodle soup, fruit for the life of human rights grid Laoya material, Polar grid of sirloin meat ginger material.

Guilin dan dan noodles: the former Guilin rice noodle business in two forms. One is the shop business. Another hawker Because less money, can not afford to open the shop, had to pick a burden, several kilograms of rice into the store, the street to sell, people will call this mode of operation is called dan dan noodles.

Guilin rice noodles and Celebrities

When the war, a large number of intellectuals came to Guilin refuge, intellectuals Shen Yanbing (pen name Mao Dun) is one of them. When he was not finished novel, will not lead to royalties, and so the whole family rice pot, "Cutters Rice Noodles" Yang the boss know, to Mao Dun said: "people are iron, steel rice, a bowl of rice filled the hungry revisit, during which time the money for what. " Mao Dun to rely on credit "Cutters Rice Noodles" eat rice, finished the novel "Red Leaves in Flowers." At that time, Mr. Mao Dun was a poor scholar, but later became a literary giants. Guilin rice noodles have let him survive, who expected to get it!

Mr. Bai Xianyong Bai Chongxi is a former KMT generals fifth son. Mr. Bai Xianyong not only speaks fluent authentic Guilin, it was also a keen Guilin rice noodles. A few years ago back home in Guilin, also particularly like to eat rice Guilin, Guilin when he was about to leave, a notice any meal to eat three bowls.

Dedicated to the famous CCTV host Jing Yidan to Xing'an Xing'an when Rice Noodles Guilin rice noodles taste, feel the charm of rice culture.

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