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Guilin cultural and historical heritage

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Guangxi culture is lagging behind, which is determined by the Guangxi remote locations. However, the industrial age into the culture, Guangxi has been the rise of the trend, because Guangxi has rich and diverse cultural resources.

Guilin cultural and historical heritage

Cultural map of Guangxi is mainly composed of several sections like this: First, the cultural landscape of Guilin, and second, the Beibu Gulf marine culture (including cultural West River), three is the Red River as a minority radiation throughout the Guangxi Zhuang Yao Miao and Dong as the main national culture.

Guilin essence of culture is the culture of the Central Plains, which is the source of Xinan Lin dyke, the world's oldest head to the construction of the canal to Qin Shi Huang unified Lingnan war, but ultimately it is the implementation of economic and cultural well-being. Economically, it irrigated farmland in northern Guangxi, the Guilin Xing'an become famous granary; culturally, it is to communicate the Yangtze River and the Pearl River, the advanced culture of the Central Plains delivered to the entire South. As the saying goes: the Great Wall north south Lingqu. This is a folk understanding of the significance of Lingqu. Guo believes Lingqu "honest enough with echoes of the Great Wall north and south, the same as the wonders of the world." Jian Bozan, said:. "Less than Lingqu shore, without the knowledge of the First Emperor" This is the academic evaluation of the Lingqu.

Guilin culture has a tangible carrier that Guihai Beilin. The so-called Guihai Beilin, refers throughout Cliff between Guilin broadly. Since the Sui Dynasty monk Tan moved to AD 590 in the Seven Star Crags port on the north side of the earliest inscription "Qixia hole," the words, Guilin Qi mountains, the cave assortment of carved stone up to more than 2000, an absolute first in the world. Which can be called a national treasure of relics Cliff has Fubo of Mi Fu self-portraits, the dragon Kakure Rocks "Yuanyou party monument," Parrot Mountain "Fu Jing Jiang city map" Therefore, there has always been a sightseeing tour in Guilin "see the mountains as about art, read the mountain of reading history "argument. Literature and history of art and landscape integration, called the wonderful notes of Heaven.

In fact, not at just Guihai Guilin Beilin is the carrier of culture? Guilin whole city is a symbol of the cultural landscape. The pursuit of Heaven Chinese people pay attention to the mountain building, Bangshui door. It is the proper placement of the Chinese people between their physical and mental landscape. Imagine a farsighted perspective, let us carefully scrutinize this masterpiece of Heaven: Jingjiang King City is a city within a city, Southern pillar Du Xiufeng is its center, Zhengyang, carriage doors, Carriage Hall, palace, Kwong Chi door just pressure in the central axis of the city, slightly off the central axis of Solitary Beauty Peak, the city is flat out the natural axis of the city landmark, construction experts say the world's only Guilin to experience this city their dream natural landmark . Things rolling, tall handsome Folded Brocade Hill just became Solitary Beauty Peak Jingjiang King City and the "patron." King City north of the iron seal, parrot two mountains act as a barrier for asylum Lijiang River east, west Guihu form the basis, Yung Shan South Lake constitute Fuli. Plus clever embellishment Taohuajiang the icing on the cake, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill plot of treasure, a city so unique in the world of landscape surfaced. She said she was full of artificial real mountain real water, but said she inventions are popular and lush. Picky Chinese people and too vulgar man, do immortal and too quiet. Guilin is an exception, really achieve the realm of Heaven. There is a saying: ulterior motives, between care landscape. Philosophy landscape, it is the Chinese philosophy; if positive landscape, just a Chinese painting. So who Marshal Chen Yi's poem the poet so many Chinese people in order to arouse sympathy: "Guilin would like to make people not want to be immortal." It is noteworthy that, people in Guilin not only unique in the world to create a living environment for themselves, but also also I found a wonderful behind it are for themselves. Guilin City Mountain are Rock Hill, only Yaoshan to the mound. It stretches in the northeastern city of Guilin, which is high and wide to the highest mountains of Guilin city. It is the mountain forceful, Gang Luan ups and downs, magnificent, magnificent beauty to bring a small size of Guilin. Yaoshan lush vegetation, azaleas everywhere, every Qingming, forming million Eagles storied dye momentum. Named Yao, because Qin Yao Temple built here. Are there profound meaning of which is not known. However, Yaoshan really profound, not only in its high body broad, thick gloomy and display their culture. Yaoshan geographical landscape is also coincident with the Chinese philosophy, since ancient times and today Guilin people willing to use it as a resting place. Large-scale Jingjiang King backed Yaoshan, imposing, left and right peaks Lin Li, patchwork, mountain Mountains as huge statues with open arms to embrace the Jingjiang King in his arms. He is the former Fang Qifeng confrontation, the shape of the guard. Forming a natural interface between the peaks hills, endless. Every spring, many people will Guilin

By Lingqu, the Central Plains culture has run from north to south, is philosophical poetry bagui large areas of benefiting the people, culture and education institutions to open their wisdom, bringing life the idea of ​​progress excellent learning Shi is bagui people. Southern, and Xie Yan Yan Yan official Guilin, reading and writing for many years in reading Du Xiufeng rock, became the first Central Cultural city of Guilin cultural ambassador. He not only left the first song Guilin Guilin poetry, but also for reading Guilin leaving a rock, sowed the seeds of reading, then, Du Xiufeng foothills of the ancient Tang Dynasty built government school, this is the first Guilin history a government school; Examination Hall in the Qing Dynasty, from here out of the four champion, the number in the whole of China ranked fifth, their fame are still on the second Square Jingjiang King City shine, which Chen Jichang or 13 three and one of the first champion; contemporary Guangxi Normal university, Guangxi humanities most powerful university. Obviously, in order to study rock named Yan Yan Guilin has become a cultural and educational center, cultural Eternal Flame, the Millennium heritage.

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