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Guilin Zijiang River rafting

OHTN2017-10-29Aix XinLe

Zijiang, county resources is a river's largest, originated in Southern China in the first peak of the Shandong mountain, the vast river to the north, into the territory of Hunan Province, then into the Dongting Lake, the Yangtze river. Zijiang River rafting downstream since the county seat 5 kilometers to the Mei Xi Xiang Hu Jia Tian, the entire 22.5 km, 45 beach, turn 31 Bay, has its own majestic steep and have a unique style, the pure beauty of the Lijiang River in Guilin. The famous poet He Jingzhi praised the "first Southern China Zijiang drift". The cross-strait vegetation protection is good, the flow and the flow rate is relatively stable, like a jade belt shuttling between mountains qishan.

Guilin Zijiang River rafting

The drift of an exquisite scenery Zijiang, like entering a long landscape gallery. Towering cross-strait Qifeng, craggy rocks, smoke, bamboo Conglong, flowers, birds flying, mildly yingti. The Osprey raft shuttle in the clear river; river nestled in the green leaves, bamboo fences and hay-thatched mud cottages, like houses, with. The bottom reflection mapping, stone paved the bed. The urgent water, clear bottom, fish swim in water, can be seen distinctly, white face, gentle breeze. Take a boat or floating down the mountain with water, with boat trip, three turn ten percent off, boat moving scene change. From afar, "mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt"; "near There is a way out." waves beat clothes, also was also happy, the boat in the river upstream, in the middle picture, it is refreshing, comfortable sense. The coastal scenery spectacle one after another, "a superb collection of beautiful things, stones", "Yuping mountain", "three stone", "God like water" and "cyclones drink River" and "Monkey King Zuiwo Chen Zhai", "general riding Tianmen town"...... In different poses and with different expressions, Xingshenjianbei, lifelike, full of wit and humour, so that visitors clap wow, "just as the acme of perfection, in Zijiang River Tour" feeling.

Guilin Zijiang River rafting

Zhou Zijiang River rafting, boating on both sides, moving into the Tianmen scenic spot. Stop and look, but see Qi Zhi, bamboo trees Conglong, Red Mansions, pavilions, natural scenery, cultural landscape, unique. To the north, but climbing chipped precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, pick up the 1098 steps, Deng Shanghai 627 meters out, surrounded by the axe hewn, ancient fairy Zhai Ding to the vast land. Not only can enjoy the mountain forests and authentic, overlooking the East, North and south of the Zijiang River overlooking the landscape. To the west, along the cliff stone feet, suddenly saw a huge meal Taishou, Shifeng cut from top to bottom, forming a stone gap of 184 meters, less than 2 meters wide, 50 meters high, this is called "all visitors to the west line of the odd days". To the East, "the best in all the land into the valley" -- a valley. Along a mountain path of confrontation between the peaks and circled, heard thousands of odd medicine herbs can be woven rattan aura, Fu ancient old vine stem, wild water outflow, Ding Dong Yun Xianquan, can listen to you Lin birds chirp music, through the "east line day", "sky ridge" under the "ladder", overlooking the scenic, full use of Keju hand fresh air, shed all the way to the laughter, unable to part promise: "goodbye zijiang".

Whether riding the wooden or rubber boat, are near misses, drift which is like a long ornamental landscape gallery, the famous poet He Jingzhi praised the "first Southern China Zijiang drift". In addition to a primitive, ancient, Zijiang and wild characteristics of the richer, a smart, beautiful beauty. The distribution of the more than 60 spots, strange, beautiful, the "stones" and "God like water" and "torch mountain", "general riding Tianmen town" and "Zijiang Buddha" and other attractions and Bi Qiao, called juejing, has very high ornamental.

The end of April each year to October is the best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Zijiang river.

Sailing Stones

A thin piece of stones, high ten feet, steep cut, such as grinding smooth, red light faint, like the Yifan hanging river, shore peaks like its ship, the whole mountain is like a ship in a blast plow.

In ancient times, frequent Zijiang on waterways often cause damage capsize accident casualties tragedy, let people feel fear of sailing. Later life wandering to the side of the Buddha when he found the problem, see the boatman tired and bitter, he will for boaters to solve problems. Shou Buddha found mainly because the water in the river and the demon monster in trouble, so they often capsized, he put the paper money iron file slammed hard to dump in the river, the river monster monster put it down. Only after that, after that the boat is not turned on, the boatmen to tow the Everything is going smoothly.

General riding over Tianmen

The drifting across the river with the end point, Jiezhi two huge stone, like two huge gates. On the left wall of years of wind and rain painted on a horse horse tiger head, generals, generals wear armour, majestic-looking, like the legendary Erlang Shen jian. The legend that Sun Wukong havoc, were fled to heaven, divine troops descending from Heaven kill, the Jade Emperor's wrath, Yang Jian continued to pursue life erlangshen. A new way to catch up with Sun Wukong came to the edge of the two battle of Zijiang River, three days and nights, straight hit the light, water resources into a murky sky over a dark earth, no defeat. One day, two people fight to a big edge in Zijiang River backwater pool only three sides, up erlangshen by exports, Sun Wukong has to face a rat in a hole. Sun Wukong see the exit is blocked, the moment, with a shout, holding a golden cudgel, north wall to hit, just listen to the "Big Bang" rod to place a wall suddenly shows ten meters wide gap, Sun Wukong from the gap flying away. The pond water was suddenly open and void this outbreak, with potential gaps to thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers rushed to. Erlangshen is north of the flood rush to be caught off guard, the left side of the cliff, then even with the horse permanently imprinted on the wall.

Zijiang drift characteristics

Zijiang River rafting the entire 22.5 km, take the boats or boat, raft down the river, the 48 beach, Po 31 bends. The distribution of the more than 60 main attractions, there are stones, God like drinking water, the big Buddha called juejing, Zijiang, with high ornamental value. In this adventure rafting, mountain view, color, fun.

Sitting on the wooden boats or light, floating down the river, Zijiang, visible whole river, like a mirror, the scenery on both sides in quiet, insurance, show, in one odd. 45 to Piaoyou Zijiang beach, Po 31 Bay Road, unlimited scenery, Linjiang stands high sky "stones", approximate relief "God like water", "Leshan Giant Buddha" is 10 times larger than the "flower monk", "general town riding majestic magnificent Tianmen, wall Maninsan the" first day ", 36 Large and small attractions, beautiful hill scenery, have a unique style, like the 11 km long ornamental landscape gallery. Here the fields cottage, full of Pine Ridge Mountains tender fir, bamboo groves of willow, near vertical, little flowers, dazzlingly beautiful, a green woodland. It is quiet Zijiang green, simple and elegant. In these circumstances, make the person mind flew into the legend of the "the Peach Garden", to enjoy, in ecstasies.

Address: Guilin scenic resources Jiangkou terminal.

Bus lines: from Guilin bus station to take the resources of the county bus, then chartered to Jiangkou terminal.

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