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Guilin Yangshuo County folk customs

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Yangshuo is a Han, Zhuang, Yao inhabited place in the history of thousands of years, formed a rich ethnic and local characteristics of folk customs, inherit and carry forward the fine Chinese traditional culture and moral values

Yangshuo is a Han, Zhuang, Yao inhabited place in the history of thousands of years, formed a rich ethnic and local characteristics of folk customs, inherit and carry forward the fine Chinese traditional culture and moral values.

Guilin Yangshuo County folk customs

Yangshuo Wonderland

Here simple folk, frugal people, warm and sincere. Since opening more than twenty years, in a variety of cultures and new ideas Qiang Lie impact, people from concept to life have undergone great changes, but good honest character changed and Yangshuo people do not cheat strangers, not cheating, giving a welcoming warmth.

Folk festivals

Gregorian calendar in November - Yangshuo Lijiang fishing boat Festival;

Lunar New Year early May EIGHT - Welfare, Sports and Tourism Festival;

Lunar September 19 - Xingping, Sports and Tourism Festival;

Lunar June 23 - White Sands epistemic Festival;

Lunar October - Pu Yi "October incense."

Zhuang folk songs will

The annual August 15 night, bright, small groups of young men and women Zhuang, blowing Konoha, singing folk songs, move closer to each other to song romance ideographic, those interested will get to know each other as "love" in the beginning, now, Zhuang Town inhabited high, many young people choose the song's place in the mountains of the moon, the Mid-Autumn night, endless mountain foot song, the moon and the mountain of the moon embraced, for a total of joking, put many at home and abroad tourists and people in the vicinity of the city are attracted to. "Moonlight Night" has become a big attraction in Yangshuo state.

Yangshuo Habitat Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao and other 11 ethnic groups, all ethnic groups in addition to its own customs, festivals, but a common feature is the good folk songs. Regardless of weddings and marriage, or the holidays, often swing song sets, assessed by, until the night still refused to disperse. These folk have a romance, there is talk of life to death, advocating filial piety, but also talk about past and narrative. The singer ranging from three to five people, as many as dozens of people, singing loud or Gao Ang, melodious sounds; or deep tactful, weeping and complaining; or light whisper light singing, quiet joy ...... especially Zhuang Autonomous Region Takada's Mid-Autumn Festival antiphonal singing, welfare tail Yao people, "song of the Church is willing to" be the most characteristic.

Yao Jia Tong Song

Originally Yangshuo tail Yao people in honor of the ancestors, celebrate He Fengnian organized by song, the song will be held in the main room of the Yao people, so called church songs. And later evolved into who has married, new home festive activities are held in the Church antiphonal singing songs song competition, become a traditional cultural entertainment to the local Yao democracy. If field staff to participate in, the atmosphere is more lively, but the content has not entirely confined to singing folk songs Yao.

Dance "big dog"

In addition to Yangshuo dragon and lion dances, Chinese New Year or other large programs and festive activities, but also dance that unicorn. Its head is much larger than the lion head, the head has a horn, the locals call it the "big dog", should be from the legendary "unicorn" evolved, because "big dog" a big, magnificent dance together , it can heighten the atmosphere.

The division of public dance

Gong dance "exorcism dance" in the form of a performance, the past is an important part of the ceremony of blessing dispel the disaster, and now as a traditional folk performing arts as a national tourism projects.

Dance Billboard Lighting

Dance Billboard Lighting is a time-honored tradition of local cultural activities held during major festive events. The lamp 21 composed of card, a driver license lamp is propped domino-like rectangular transparent paper lantern. Surrounded by lanterns lined with bright patterns on each side to write on a word, can mix into something auspicious sentences During the performance, these sentences with the times, constantly updated, is a good form of entertaining.

Welfare "May 8" session

Welfare "May 8" session will be a tradition of welfare town, past the eighth lunar month every year, and held worship Mazu Ying-tert-test tour and activity of God, after over one week. The beginning of the twentieth century, the eighties, the local people will give this tradition of giving new content to become a "filial piety", "justice" virtues of education, showcase local specialty products, promote tourism development of "Cultural Tourism Festival", has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to participate. There Baisha Town, the annual Lunar New Year June 23 at the "epistemic Festival", duration (Sports and Tourism Festival) such as Xing Town lunar held on September 19, have become folk tourism project.

Yangshuo county welfare folk traditional festival, Chinese lunar calendar every year before and after the eighth day of May, folklore by the civil society organizations in the town to carry out welfare, sports and festival.

May eighth day, the Fair households Zhaqi three feet six inches tall vertical lights to the town and even the elderly discharge temple, then sacrifice two hundred temple of a statue of Buddha and lift it, hold on street procession. The team parade have arts, sports teams, lion, playing card lights, stilt-walkers, Pat Sin paper models, percussion canopy, the story of Taiwan, Han Chuan ...... and so on. The streets packed moment, the human voice boiling tripod, Gujiao groaning, very spectacular.

Procession is completed folklore performances (singing Gui opera, etc.), physical activity (game, chess, etc.), along with various business activities. These activities normally take five to ten days. During the holiday season (locally known as catch-session), and everyone bitter brew their own wine for the main course and entertain guests.

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Guilin Yangshuo County folk customsYangshuo is a Han, Zhuang, Yao inhabited place in the history of thousands of years, formed a rich ethnic and local characteristics of folk customs, inherit and carry forward the fine Chinese traditional culture and moral values…