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Guilin cuisine Xing'an Rice noodles

OHTN2017-11-03Aix XinLe

Xing'an County is the birthplace of Guilin rice noodles, rice noodles Xing'an County has fragrant, fresh, slightly sweet, silty smooth, soft of unique flavor.

Guilin cuisine Xing'an Rice noodles

Renowned the world over from Guilin rice was first Anfa Yuan Xing's. Two thousand years ago when Qin Shihuang unified Lingnan send troops, a large number of the North will be under Ferdinand, gathered in Xing'an Ling Qu construction, after over a number of years. Northern soldiers refused to accept the South soil and water, they are accustomed to eating wheat flour, rice not used to the south, with nostalgia, a lot of sick people. Food transfusion from the north, trek, mountain 1 complex, difficult, as local solutions, only with rice. Under poor anxious, try the rice ground into a powder or paste, processed foods like noodles imaging north, and later became the rice. Xing'an rice known for its unique flavor. Workmanship which, first Shanghao rice into a thick, bagging drained, cooked dough hides to press the sheet into a round or root balls. Rice said the park, said the cut sheet powder, commonly known as rice flour, which is characterized by white, delicate, soft, smooth, and refreshing. It eat a variety.

Chimi Fen brine is used with the deployment of more than twenty kinds of Chinese herbal medicine plus a variety of spices. These herbs are two thousand years ago to start digging the husband of Qin Junmin often the lingua franca of medicine, because of drainage pipes come porters soldiers, in addition to high-intensity physical labor, also face high temperatures, humidity, malaria, plague and other diseases popular, great demand for Chinese herbal medicine. They selected portions of pureed herbs and spices brewed from a number of herbs, add rice flour with food will increase appetite. Most attention to the production of brine, which has various different process, generally pig, bovine, and all kinds of seasoning boiled from Mangosteen, rich flavor. Brine materials and practices, rice flavor also different. Generally, there are lettuce powder, noodles, Sam Sun powder, raw soup, Lu Cai powder, hot and sour powder, horse meat rice flour, rice and other burden.

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